Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Davos and the Chatham House Rules

Henry Blodget reports on a Davos dinner event:
I went to one of those fancy private dinners last night in Davos, Switzerland.
Like most of the events here at the 2014 World Economic Forum, the dinner was conducted under what are known as "Chatham House Rules," which means that I can't tell you who was there.


  1. "its one big club and you aren't in it"

  2. Chatham House rules?
    I call it slinky.
    It's what slugs do.

  3. WTF is wrong with people?!? These "leaders" are psychopaths. They have no value for human life, nor of pain and suffering they could cause others. They are neither manly, nor strong. They will kill to prove a point in a pissing contest. These are not rational actors and should be in no capacity to leave the house without heavy medication and a straight jacket, let alone control weapons or countries.

  4. They don't call it Imperialism for nothing.

  5. Sounds like someone from Carlyle Group running the meeting.

  6. We know 13 members of Congress are there: