Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Did Greg Mankiw Miss His Calling?

Maybe he should have been a "quick movie review" writer. He got American Hustle right:
Quick Movie Review
I just saw American Hustle. Great movie, loosely based on the Abscam investigation. Much better than Gravity, the other movie I have seen recently that got rave reviews.
He seems much better at it, than as head of Harvard's economics department. See: What Greg Mankiw Is Teaching Our Kids

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  1. I don't get it. I thought American Hustle was a mess. A mish-mash of various genres that couldn't pin itself down with a tenuous plot-line that kept from spilling over completely by a great performance by Christian Bale. Seemed like David Russel was patting himself on the back with this one...Also, I'm pretty sure Amy Adams character was a complete rip-off of Barbara Stanwyck's character in the, much better done, con job movie the Lady Eve with Peter Fonda. I think the hype may be going to people's head on this one.