Monday, January 13, 2014

Donald Trump Says He'll Run For NY Governor If Republicans Unify Behind Him

Popcorn time.

Trump, in a phone interview with the Daily News following a two-hour meeting with 50 GOPers in his office today, said he wants full support, meaning no primaries and even Conservative Party backing. “The advantage the Democrats have in New York State is pretty substantial,” Trump said.

“You can’t have primaries. You can’t have all the wasted time and effort in doing that. You have to pick somebody and go to win. If that couldn’t happen, I wouldn’t do it.”

A number of Republicans and Democrats believe Trump has no intention to run but is simply milking the publicity. They say he has routinely threatened to run for office, including president and governor, without ever following through.

“We’ve seen this movie before,” said one insider.

But Trump insists his interest is real. He said his daughter, Ivanka, and son, Eric, are more than capable of running his businesses if he runs and becomes governor. Both were at the meeting Friday.


  1. What a media whore. He's the white version of Jesse Jackson with a very bad comb-over.

  2. WOW! Donny running New York. Kinda sorta brings tears to your eyes, don't it though?

    Sort of a politician's politician. Bankrupt how many times? Divorced how many times? Made a complete ass out of himself how - oh just forget it!

    The real question is how he and his ego can both be squeezed into the Governor's office.

    [Note: Just because you've made a lot of money, does not mean you're not a total looser...]