Friday, January 10, 2014

Health Insurance Specialist: Ron Paul Is Correct,ObamaCare Could Fall Apart On Its Own

Last week, I linked to a video where Ron Paul said that people were going to opt out of Obamacare on their own. He told Stuart Varney:
 No, you're not going to get rid of it. You're -- you're right about that. They're going to limp along. If Republicans win in the fall, they may tamper it a bit, tinker with it and change it a bit.

But the only way it's going to disappear quickly is if it totally self- destructs, which is conceivable, everybody just quits because they're getting nowhere with it and they just opt out[...]

But, one day, it's going to be so bad, people are just going to opt out on their own.

Now, an expert in the healthcare industry seems to hold a view similar to that of Dr. Paul. In an interview with WaPo, Robert Laszewski, president of Health Policy and Strategy Associates, said:
I think the mandate is almost worthless because the word is getting around that they can’t really collect it. And by year three, it’s really a lot of money. I think there’ll be real pressure to just get rid of it. I don’t think you can force people to buy this insurance. If they don’t want it there’ll be a political groundswell to get rid of it. So in my mind the individual mandate is kind of irrelevant to this[...]I do have a concern that people are looking at these plans and not finding value. Some people are looking at paying 10 percent of their income for plans with huge deductibles, and then you have politics of Obamacare and the bad press of the launch and if you put all those things in a bag and mix them up, I am really concerned that the uninsured who are healthy are not finding Obamacare the value they hoped it will be. That’s the real risk for Obamacare.


  1. Opt-out?

    O-Care is nothing but forced collectivization of medical services.

    Back in Stalin's day,there were people who "opted out" of forced collectivization of agricultural too.

  2. When will it fall apart? Ron Paul said the US economy is going to fall apart. He said a dollar collapse was "imminent" back in 2008.

  3. Ahh, the US economy did collapse in 2008 and the dollar would have as well but they kicked the can