Monday, January 20, 2014

LBJ's Great Society as Hubris of the Social Engineer

Richard Ebeling emails:
Dear Bob,

I have a new article on the news and commentary website, "EpicTimes," on, "LBJ's Great Society as Hubris of the Social Engineer."

This year marks half a century since President Lyndon Johnson dragged America into two "wars." The Great Society "war on poverty" and a a very real war in Vietnam in 1964.

I argue that the common theme in both of these "wars" was a deep and dangerous hubris of the social engineer who believes that he can redesign and direct society into any changed image and shape that he desires.

In the case of the Vietnam War the hubris was the belief that it was possible to introduce planned "escalation" to make an enemy react in a war the way you want. The end result was 55,000 dead American military servicemen, and significant destruction of a foreign nation and its people.

In the case of the government's "war" on poverty, racism, inequality, illiteracy, injustice summed under the name of the Great Society Agenda, it transformed American into what has become today's "entitlement" paternalistic redistributive and regulated system in which the government manipulates and controls virtually every corner of our lives.

It is LBJ's legacy -- the politically managed society, with less and less freedom and personal responsibility for the American people.

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  1. You left out the war on sound money..............

    The BaFin enquiry into Deutsche Bank

    Only then did it transpire that Germany’s gold at the New York Fed probably didn’t exist. Bundesbank officials had even been refused sight of their own gold according to Der Spiegel, a point picked up by a previously secret report by the German Federal Audit Office. It is hard to justify why an official from the Bundesbank should be refused sight of his own bank’s gold. Instead the Bundesbank was forced to rely on written affirmations by the New York Fed that their gold was safely there.

    The public furore over the Fed’s behaviour forced Bundesbank officials on the back foot, and while publicly defending the integrity of the New York Fed, they sought repatriation of at least some of their 1,536.4 tonnes of gold. In the event the Bundesbank announced it would only look for 300 tonnes from New York before 2020. It appears that this is all the Fed would agree to deliver, small change that could be picked up in the market over the agreed time.

    According to the Bundesbank, in 2013 only 37 tonnes had been delivered, less than 2.5% of Germany’s gold held at the Fed and less pro rata than the annual equivalent amount the Fed is expected to repatriate. Worse still is the news this weekend in Die Welt that only five tonnes of this has actually come from the New York Fed, the rest from Paris, so this figure represents the total repatriated from both centres. kind of makes all the others, possible....think about it.

  2. Add on the other events too - governments - all governments - are social engineers.