Saturday, January 4, 2014

Murray Sabrin Has Ditched Libertarianism

He is visiting Vietnam and sends along this picture of himself and his wife.

He writes:
First Sabrin Royal couple of Vietnam.   Photo taken in the citadel, hue, Vietnam, 19th century home of Royal couple and site of fierce battles during 1968 Tet offensive.    Off to park hike in a few hours.  So much to write about, especially the immorality of the war.  LBJ and his henchmen should be tried as war criminals posthumously.


Maybe we haven't lost Murray. In a follow up email, he writes:
 I would be the benevolent king.  No more taxes.  My kingdom would be the poorest in all history.
Voluntary donations would sustain the monarchy.  No more wars, no more bureaucrats, no more mandates, no more interventions.   Let freedom reign!


  1. And were he to become such a monarch, with those policies, the war falling upon his poor kingdom would make LBJ's look like a schoolyard brawl (but of course it would have UN endorsement, so it would be totally legitimate).

  2. Not sure if this is a serious article or not. I take that as Murray having a bit of fun.

  3. Even in jest, the only appropriate answer to being anointed monarch, is the way Ludwig von Mises responded to a similar question: "I'd abdicate."

  4. No matter how poor a kingdom, it is a target because it has a ruler (even if he chooses not to rule).
    Not having enough money for a defensive army would only make it more attractive.

    The only proper way for a libertarian 'nation' to avoid being an attractive target is to have no ruler at all, but millions upon millions of decentralized, individual, heavily armed fiefdoms. (i.e. people ruling their own lives)