Thursday, January 23, 2014

Obamacare Thought of the Day

Forcing the young and healthy to buy Obama designed health insurance is really not that much different than if Obama forced those in large cities, who don't own a car and only use public transportation, to buy auto insurance "to bring the price down."

In addition to the idea being outrageous, it doesn't bring the price down, it redistributes the cost. Further, because it would be Obama designed auto insurance, automobile owners would not necessarily be able to go to their old mechanics, but only those approved by Obama in conjunction with crony auto insurers. To carry the analogy further, owners wouldn't have a complete say on what coverage they could get for their cars---that, also, would be decided by Obama in conjunction with the cronies auto insurers.


  1. Not to mention the insurance would be required to cover things like sunroof repair even if your car doesn't have a sunroof

  2. You could carry the analogy even further. You'd be forced to cover the cost of repairing the electrically heated seats, even if your car doesn't have this feature.

    You'd have to insure the air bags, even if you have an old classic that doesn't have them.

    You'd need to have battery repair coverage for a gasoline-powered car, or vice versa.

    It's a stupid policy that fails to differentiate between disparate needs, driving up costs and degrading service. In other words, a government plan.

  3. It would also pay for gas and oil changes.

  4. Please consider that many of the young and healthy are either out of work or work part time, and the trend of employers is to drop health care coverage, with the result that the young and healthy cannot fit the cost of insurance into their budget,

    If one be young and healthy, it may be that one can apply for and receive Obamacare State DSHS health insurance coverage at a Community Health Clinic; there are like 22 of these clinics in Washington State.

  5. Don't forget the mandatory blood test/urinalysis for nicotine and/or unauthorized drugs.
    (my wife just had to submit to that).
    America has turned into a Nation of Pee sniffers.

  6. In addition to the other differences between health "insurance" and auto insurance noted above, consider the idea of pre-existing conditions. One could purchase an ObamaAuto policy after one had already totaled one's car and still be covered!

    Or, one could purchase an old, non-working rust bucket, covered with dents and scratches for $1000, then purchase an ObamaAuto policy and demand that it be restored to factory condition.