Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Pop Star Kelly Clarkson's Recent Comments on Ron Paul

Jay Stephenson emails:
She mentions Ron Paul on the last question.  Given that Clarkson is a
mainstream pop star who voted for Obama, her comments destroy the myth
that Rand would have a problem following his father's path and
speaking the truth.

I voted Republican at first. And then I voted for Barack the last two
times. I feel like the parties have switched on what they set out to
do. I'm probably more of a libertarian. I was for Ron Paul. I just
love the guy that says it like it is and isn't trying to skirt around
things and make them look pretty so he can get voted for. I've never
been the polished type.

Kelly Clarkson in TIME Interview: 'Not a Feminist' | TIME.com


  1. The elder Paul is NOT an Anarcho Cap.. He still believes in the impossibility of limited govt. I don't support him nicht mehr.

  2. I don't support any Libertarian who runs for political office. They think they are immune to Acton's disease.

    1. If it weren't for RP there'd be a tiny, tiny fraction of the ancaps that there are now. But he's a one-off and there will probably never be another like him.

    2. I agree, RP is definitely one in a million. As far as ancaps are concerned, I like the capitalist part but the anarchy part has a problem. Anarchy is usually defined as "without a ruler." I contend that an individual must rule (control) himself. Anarchy as defined, is not compatible with capitalism.