Friday, January 17, 2014

Rand Paul as Global Meddler

During a speech on January 14 at the twentieth anniversary gala of the Center for the National Interest, Rand Paul said:
By leveraging our relationship with China, we should be able to influence the behavior of North Korea. Likewise, we should be engaging the Russians to assist us with the Syrians and the Iranians.[..]
Later in the speech, in addition to having a seeming willingness to meddle in the affairs of North Korea, Syria and Iran, Rand made clear he also has a gun in his back pocket:
 There is certainly a time for war. But the threshold should be high, and the cause clear.


  1. 1. Nothing wrong with having a gun in your back pocket, Bob.

    2. I don't think Rand has any idea what he's doing. I, also, don't think the international political community is taking him seriously.

    1. It most certainly is wrong if you use taxpayer money to buy the gun and go shooting it off in foreign lands.

    2. I wasn't talking about using it in foreign lands or using tax money.

  2. Only a neocon Republican would quote Colin Powell, who lied concerning the My Lai Massacre, Operation Desert Storm, and chemicals of mass destruction in Iraq. The general has proven that he is wholly unfamiliar with the truth for over 40 years, and lies with the ease befitting a mass murderer.

  3. " There is certainly a time for mass murder. But the threshold should be what i believe is appropriate, and the cause should be about America's elite interests and not self defense, because we all know there hasnt been a war like that since the war against the Barbary states."


  4. Wow, the EPJ opposes a high bar for war. That's the same position as Dick Cheney.