Friday, January 24, 2014

Rand Paul to Deliver a Response to State of the Union

How far will Rand move away from the principles of liberty this time? WaPo reports (my highlight)
On Tuesday, Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul (R) will deliver his own response to President Obama’s State of the Union address, in yet another example of the presidential hopeful’s desire to build a national profile.
Last year, Paul gave a similar response to the president’s speech. He spoke from the National Press Club and focused on the agenda of the Tea Party Express, which sponsored the speech.
Next week, however, Paul will not speak as a tea party spokesman. Instead, he will prerecord his rebuttal in his Senate office and publish it on YouTube soon after the president finishes. He will then appear on CNN and Fox News that night and sit for several Sunday show interviews later in the week, all part of his drive to draw attention to his critique.
At the moment, Paul’s top advisers, such as Doug Stafford and Sergio Gor, are focused on broadening Paul’s national reach while simultaneously keeping him close to the GOP’s conservative base, who they hope will share Paul’s video response on social media. Next week’s push will be a multi-platform, multi-faceted effort, a Paul aide said.
Broadening his "national  reach while simultaneously keeping him close to the GOP’s conservative base"? I haven't seen anyone esle come close to attempting that type of a move other than Vadimir Putin's girlfriend:

And, yes, the Doug Stafford mentioned by WaPo in the story is this one.


  1. Rand came in first in the latest Quinnipiac poll. He's doing something right to get his poll numbers up despite to all the whining that comes from some of the libertarians about his positions. If Rand was running with Wenzel's position he'd be close to last place.

    1. Duh, running and losing is what I advocate, given the current views of the electorate. See:

    2. Rand Paul has the charisma of an undertaker in Waldo, Florida, and the the only reason he is seen as semi-attractive is the fact that he still has most of his real teeth. The ugliness of Rand Paul is evident as soon as he opens his mouth and spews the fundamentalist viewpoint that the defense of Israel is being sorely neglected by the Obama administration.

      The Rand Paul tell for fealty to Israel will be the amount of time he spends on Iran, Syria, and the Middle East. Rand is ultimately owned by the Likud Party, but he is playing it close to the vest so he does not upset Ron Paul supporters.

  2. I have little interests in what is happening with Doug Stafford in Stranahan's investigation. However, it's interesting that the MSM hasn't piled on it, at least, just yet. What Stranahan is providing is a means to dump Rand and anybody that they want to purge similar to Wiener, Spitzer, Mayor Ford, and now D'Souza. It's just a matter of if and when. Yes, the exposed politicians were doing bad; however, you have to wonder, and it never is revealed, as to how that information got out or in Mayor's Ford case some witness that came out of nowhere and D'Souza's case a BS investigation. So, why isn't the media interested in Stranahan's stuff? Are they waiting till McConnel gets into office? If not then, what would that suggest of Rand?

    As for Rand, himself, I just hope he doesn't embarrass himself, again, yet he never seems to be embarrassed after making such silly statements. If he wants to broaden his "national reach while simultaneously keeping him close to the GOP’s conservative base", that's easier than to gain an email listing and spend money on the establishment's acceptance. Do what his father did or what he did in Kentucky. This is why I'm going to be squimish in watching him make his response speech. He's going to say something silly again because he's out of touch from the American people.

  3. Rand Paul will endorse Mitch McConnel.
    Who cares what he has to say?