Friday, January 17, 2014

Republicans Are Done Trying to Kill ObamaCare, They Are Seeking an "Alternative"

The Week reports:
After vowing to kill President Obama's eponymous health-care law for going on four years now, Republicans appear to finally be moving on.
To be sure, the party hasn't dropped its opposition to ObamaCare. But a shift in the way it has framed that opposition indicates that the days of "repeal or bust" are a thing of the past.
Speaker of the House John Boehner (R-Ohio) said Thursday that coming up with an ObamaCare alternative would be "one of the big issues" at the GOP's annual policy conference this month, adding that such a proposal could come up for a vote this year.
"It's important for us as a party, especially in an election year, to tell the people what you're for," he said. "We're for getting rid of ObamaCare and replacing it with a patient-centered health-care system."
It's a subtle shift, but a significant one.
Got that? Instead of Obama telling us what our health plan will be John Boehner wants Boehner to be the decider. Free markets in healthcare is off the table. Crony healthcare rules!


  1. Tell me again why we should vote for either of these criminal parties?

    1. Because as a Republican if you don't vote for the Republican you're wasting your vote. Because as a Democrat if you don't vote for the Democrat you are wasting your vote. You should be thankful that your political masters give you 2 choices. That's twice as many choices as political masters in other countries give their serfs. Your life is already 100% better before you even go to vote. So stop whining. :)

    2. Yes how thoughtless of me. I can either shoot myself on the right side of my head or the left side of my head. Nice choice right? :P

    3. Because our guy Rand who's deep undercover has got a plan.

  2. 'Republicans Are Done Trying to Kill ObamaCare, They Are Seeking an "Alternative"'

    Would killing the Federal Government be too much to ask?

    Yeah, I know...

  3. Excellent! This will insure that the states that are pushing back will step it up!

  4. Here's a prediction, but it's a pretty easy one to make. The Republicans have already stopped talking about repealing Obamacare. The focus has subtlety shifted to "fixing" it. But here's what to watch for - as the numbers get worse and it becomes obvious the thing is going to sink, the Democrats will sucker the Republicans into voting for some "reforms" in which they'll make some modest concessions in return for the GOP leaderships' support. The moment the ink dries on that deal the Red Orcs will own this pig as much as the Blue Orcs, and just like with Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and every other welfare state wet dream there will be no further attempts to ditch it. You'll know this is true when the GOP leadership stops calling it "Obamacare".

  5. I am age 59 and I have had two cancers; both cut out, with surgery. I am fine now. My last cancer was cut out eight years ago.

    My answer to my cancers was to change my eating habits. And I have. The key to preventing any disease is to eat well. Food is your medicine as it has been for thousands of years.

    My "health care insurance," was cancelled but I do not care. I would not want their "health care," anyway.

    And this is my problem with some Libertarians. Or Stossel. He laughs and jokes about "organic" food; what a ripoff. Stossel you are an idiot.

    I look at the United States; we have been eating shit food for 40 years. Is it any wonder the population is so stupid?

    I started eating real food, January 2009. It woke me up. I can see things clearly, now.

    And looking on the drugged masses, I do not see any hope.

    1. I want to second what Leia stated, I got off processed foods on August 4th, 2013, and my blood pressure dropped from 145/95 to 110/70 in less than ten days. I was able to drop my $100 a month blood pressure pills by switching to a paleolithic diet of high quality protein, high fibber diet, with 5-6 glasses of extremely high quality water per day. My body feels more limber, my mind much is clearer, and I am more creative than I have been in decades.

      As Americans, we are being faced with the choice of freeing ourselves from the authoritarian slavery of Obamacare, or healing ourselves thru the knowledge of what our own bodies need, and applying it dutifully for our own self preservation.

      For the record I am 60 years of age, and I have been repulsed by crony corporate shills like John Stossel for decades. John Stossel is paid to keep conservatives, and mainline Republicans on the reservation, and he uses irony to drill corporate crony propaganda through their thick skulls. In my book, Mr. Stossel is a "Judas Goat".

    2. Leia, what do you eat? Vegetarian, no GMO, organic brands. Just curious.

    3. Is Judas Goat on the Paleo diet??? Think it would be really tasty with jerk seasoning and some Pickapeppa sauce.

      [Every little ting gonna be alright...]

  6. The core of my diet is the FOCC; Dr. Johanna Budwig's Flaxseed Oil and Cottage Cheese. She cured cancer, 50 years ago, people with stage 4 cancers.

    The FOCC is Omega3s. Anti-inflammation. Our bodies fight to live, if we only give them the nutrients.

    And Equally important is Vitamin D3 with K2. My current level is 63; it used to be 85, I am working on getting back to 85. The Medical Industrial Complex targeted level of of D3 is 18. And they have thrown out this "threat" of skin cancer, what a joke. The sun is what gives us life.

    And finally, I am juicing. Real food, Kale, Chard, plants with real nutrients. And it tastes great. You drink in the nutrients.

    I do not do Paleo myself but that is also great. The bottom line, just do not eat processed, fake foods. As Anonymous said, "My body feels more limber, my mind much is clearer, and I am more creative than I have been in decades."