Thursday, January 30, 2014

RomneyCare Result: It Takes More Than Two Months to See a Specialist Physician in Boston

Well, surprise, surprise. The city at the heart of the most government interventionist healthcare system has the highest wait times to see a specialist than any other place in the country.

 A survey of physicians nationwide found the average wait time for a new patient is nearly 19 days, according to FOX DC. But the longest wait time is in Boston, Massachusetts at 72 days.

Massachusetts is the home of RomneyCare, which is the precursor to ObamaCare. If ObamaCare is fully implemented, expect medical service shortages and wait times to soar. At some point, life expectancy in the United States is going to fall dramatically. That's the nature of government intervention poorer service at a higher price.


  1. "At some point, life expectancy in the United States is going to fall dramatically..."

    Well said, RW.

    "Oh, By the way...", it's intentional. It's time to cull the weak and thin the herd.
    Death Panels? That takes too much time and leaves too many fingerprints.
    The value of someone's life is much too important to be left to the individual.
    Better to let the State decide THOSE types of important matters...


  2. I advise everyone to cultivate a personal relationship with a doctor. In socialized medicine, personal connections are everything. A doctor I know asked me to help out with his favorite charity. I jumped at it and after a few months, he mentioned that if I ever need to go to the ER or have trouble getting in to a doctor, to give him a call and he would arrange it. I have his private number on speed dial. Something to think about.