Monday, January 13, 2014

Seattle’s Socialist Councilwoman Vows 2014 Will Be the Year of the $15 Minimum Wage

Seattle's KIROTV reports:
Seattle’s new, Socialist city councilwoman has vowed to make 2014, the year of the $15 an hour minimum wage[...]

KIRO7 spoke with Sawant following her inauguration last week.
The Socialist leader, along with workers and activists, have formed the "15 Now" campaign.
She says the only way they can counter the power of Corporate America is by building a massive grassroots campaign with town hall meetings, mass rallies, even strikes.

Sawant isn't ruling out compromise, like phasing in the $15 an hour minimum wage or exempting small businesses.

But she also says this kind of talk is premature.

"Compromise is really a question to be asked at the end of the road, not at the beginning of the road. Right now we should building our forces, and that's why it's important for people to join our grassroots effort," she said.

Mayor Ed Murray appointed Sawant to his committee on a higher minimum wage.

The two new leaders have already had some friction.

Sawant was quoted in the Seattle Times, as saying the mayor's signing of an executive order to raise the minimum wage of city workers to  $15 an hour, if  they don't make at least that is him acting on pressure from below to act on the rhetoric of the campaign.


  1. "Premature" and "it's going to be his fault for screwing it up." So, basically, reality is setting in.

    Personally, I would rather have my purchasing power back, but that only comes when the government backs off and the Fed drops dead. Anybody, including our so-called allies against crony practices from the left and right, that don't speak about the Federal Reserve distorting our purchasing power and being the biggest cause of our economics and foreign policy woes is only a distraction and potentially doing it on purpose.

    1. Amen. The Left screams for more table scraps. I want a seat at the table. End the Fed.

  2. The Idiot Left is comprised of fools with IQ's below 40. Like this dumb cunt they're so stupid and arrogant they think they can actually suspend the laws of economics. They always think like a 14 year old girl having a PMS. It's all about feeeeeeelings instead of reality.

    Why not just make it $50 an hour. I could work part time! Morons.

  3. Get the vote over with and get them both out of Seattle. If either had a small business and told me how easy this would be, I would listen. I know better.

    1. North Korea seems like a good place to send socialist idiots.