Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Senate Blocks Extension of Unemployment Benefits

Politico reports:
The Senate blocked two separate proposals to revive emergency unemployment benefits that expired in December, all but killing the prospects of reviving jobless aid for now.
The chamber voted 52-48 to reject a bill that would have extended benefits through November and pay for it by extending the sequester’s mandatory spending cuts into 2024. A different measure to extend the aid for three months — without a pay-for — was defeated 55-45.
Both measures needed 60 votes to advance.
[S]everal centrist Republicans and Democratic lawmakers are talking about finding an underlying bill that both parties could support. [...]
Democrats remain focused on either passing a three-month extension of benefits that would not be paid for, or a longer-term bill that is paid for. Most Republicans prefer a paid-for three-month extension that allow debate and consideration of larger structural changes to the U.S. unemployment program.

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