Friday, January 3, 2014

Some Questions for Edward Snowden and Others

Alpha Mind writes:
These are the facts:
1.  Omidyar is funding a $250 million dollar new media venture with Glenn Greenwald based on the Snowden documents.
2.  Omidyar Network and Booz Allen Hamilton are both partners/investors of InnoCentive.
3.  Omidyar Network and a member of the Board of Directors of Booz Allen Hamilton, Philip Odeen, are both major shareholders of Globant.  Sal Giambanco, a partner at Omidyar Network, is on the Board of Advisors of Globant.  Philip Odeen is on the Board of Directors of Globant.
4.  Dhaya Lakshminarayanan, Michael Kent, Pranay Chulet and Patricia Sosrodjojo have all worked in strategic positions at both Omidyar Network and Booz Allen Hamilton.  
Here are the questions:
Is this all circumstantial evidence?  Are these connections acceptable or not given the gravity and sensitivity of the global surveillance situation?  
Has a revolving door of corporations with government ties regained a degree of control over the documents that were leaked by Snowden?  What are the full intentions of First Post (NewCo, the $250 million dollar new media venture between Greenwald, billionaire Pierre Omidyar and others)?
Is there a conflict of interest between Omidyar Network, Booz Allen Hamilton, Sal Giambanco (Partner of Omidyar Network and Globant), Philip Odeen (Partner of Booz Allen Hamilton and Globant), Glenn Greenwald, Edward Snowden, the NewCo & the National Security community? 
What does Edward Snowden think of these connections and the massive profit being generated from his disclosures?  Is he upset about it or is he getting a slice of the pie?  Ed!  Let us know what's going on!
When will the rest of the documents be released?  Will any be withheld and why? 
Where do you draw the line between 'non-publishable' leaked intel and information the public has a right to know?
Why aren't these questions being deeply engaged by mainstream press? Why is most of the alternative press ignoring it?  

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  1. Greenwald needs to provide some answers.....

  2. This angle makes more sense than what it seemed Bob was insinuating. Bob's angle didn't make sense in that Snowden released documents of foreign spying as well. Why do that if allowing the evidence to be used in court was goal? Still think the government has just turned a negative into a positive for it.

  3. Government workers aren't smart enough for such intrigue.
    USCorp/MIC might be pulling some shenanigans.
    Greenwald should supply some answers..
    The politicians who call Snowden a traitor are still scum.
    carry on.


  5. Sibel Edmonds has posted a new story today "Dissecting Contradictions & Sensationalism in the Establishment-Made NSA Scandal" Part I- The Doomsday Insurance Cache That Was, and Then Never Was
    Makes for very interesting reading, to say the least...