Saturday, January 18, 2014

Where the Super-Rich are Investing in Real Estate

In 2008, $146bn of global private wealth was invested in the large-deal real estate market and by 2012 this had increased by 111 per cent to $308bn, says FT. Recent large deals are identified below.


  1. Dubai real estate is a haven for money-laundering and crime involving the Kerala Christian (Syrian Christian and others) mafia, which is tied to Dawood Ibrahim, a front for the Rothschild cartel.

    The Kerala Christian mafia is associated with the liquor and employment racket that provides servants and alcohol to the US Embassy in Delhi.

    It's likely that the diplomat's maid comes out of the circle, which is tied also to espionage.
    That's the circle from which you get the REAL spy angle in the recent sensational death of the wife of an influential Indian minister, Shashi Tharoor.

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