Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Why The Washington Post Passed on Ezra Klein

This is a fascinating report. Keep in mind that Klein's blog is a go to blog for DC-Wall Street power elite. They have told me so and are always pointing me to Klein posts. Anyway, it is a good time to be an economics blogger. Here's WaPo:
The Washington Post would do anything for Ezra Klein. Well, almost anything.
For nearly five years, the Post has steered a bounty of financial resources to its star economics columnist and blogger. It has allowed him to have a contributor deal with MSNBC, a column with Bloomberg View, and to write long-form for The New Yorker. It has provided him with eight staffers to keep Wonkblog, his popular policy vertical, flowing with up-to-the-minute charts and analysis. The PR department has promoted him in profile upon profile.

But when Klein proposed the creation of an independent, explanatory journalism website — with more than three dozen staffers and a multiyear budget north of $10 million — the Post said enough is enough. Indeed, Jeff Bezos, the Post’s new owner, and Katharine Weymouth, its publisher, never even offered an alternative figure, sources familiar with the negotiations said.

Now, Klein is set to take his talents elsewhere. The Washington Post’s Wonkblog account tweeted the announcement Tuesday that he is leaving: “It’s official: Ezra is leaving the Post. Hoping for the best for him.”

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  1. Being a cowardly little Keynesian (like all of the rest), Klein has been able to successfully run, duck and hide from direct engagement with Austrian analysis.

  2. My favorite comment from the article "No bozos for Bezos"