Saturday, January 25, 2014

Will Rand Paul Respond to Allegations Made by Lee Stranahan About Doug Stafford?

First Stranahan shows that Stafford is still linked to Rand:

Then he attempts to reach out:

The response so far has been a non-response response:


  1. I read political jargon all the time. I've done it for years and have finally come to realize all politics is the same. Who is it gonna be? Coercer A or coercer B? And to make matters worse, they are chosen after running a popularity contest and the winner is chosen by majority rule. What could be more irrational than that?
    Nothing ever changes. You have the in's and the out's. The in's want to stay in power because "we need strong and experienced leadership! Even though they have been miserable failures at "running" the country. The out's want in because we need "new and dynamic leadership". Plus, they want their chance to prove that they too can become miserable failures. And prove it they always do. It will be interesting to see how much harm these parasites have caused us when we reach the hight of the collapse. That is if we are still alive.

  2. Wow, look at all those retweets he's getting. This is a hot one! zzz