Thursday, February 6, 2014

Austrian School Masters in Political Economy Available at Swiss Management Center University

Jaime Narbon emails:

Hello Bob,

It was a pleasure to hear from you and to know that you are doing well.  Your blog is fantastic,  and your EPJ Daily Alerts are just an amazing product which everybody should sign up to.

Just wanted to give you some information that your readers might find valuable. I am in the midst of starting a Master’s program in Political Economy –Economics which is based on the Austrian School of Economics. The University that offers it is the Swiss Management Center . The classes are dictated online, in real time through adobe connect platform and are recorded in the event that the student cannot attend class. This presents a huge advantage over traditional brick and mortar classrooms, since the courses can be attended from the comfort of your bedroom, living room, coffee shop and from anywhere in the world, literally! All you need is a microphone, headsets, a computer and internet.

The course its unique in its Austrian and free market content: courses include Money and Banking (Austrian perspective), Capital based Macroeconomics (a la Roger Garrison), Trade cycle theory (Austrian Business cycle theory), History of Economic Thought, Applied Austrian Economics and Public Choice, to name a few.

The program is directed by Juan Carlos Cachanosky, who earned his Ph.D. under the late Austrian economist Hans Sennholz. Professors who dictate this courses are renowned Austrians in Latin America such as Adrián Ravier, Juan Carlos Cachanosky, Nicolás Cachanosky, Alberto Benegas Lynch, Martin Krause, Gabriel Zanotti and Alejandro Chafuen of the Atlas research foundation. The classes are dictated in Spanish.  At a very significant cheaper cost than the student loan bubble schools in the U.S. , this program represents a unique opportunity for those interested in pursuing Austrian Economics on a formal basis.


Jaime Narbon
National Economists Club

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