Thursday, February 13, 2014

Best Comment I Have Seen Today

Gerald Celente on Secretary of State John Kerry:
Did you hear our secretary of state saying that ‘The US will defend Japan against China.’  Who is he speaking for?  Is he speaking for me?  Is he speaking for you?  We’re going to defend Japan against China?  This guy is a madman.  These are the characteristics and the traits of sociopaths and psychopaths.”


  1. F Japan. Let them and South Korea defend their own asses.

    1. Even better, if Abe couldn't count on US support, maybe he'd stop throwing rocks at the Chinese hornet's nest and nobody would have to defend anything.

  2. Dear John,
    What was your reaction in 1971 to the statement, "We will defend South Vietnam against North Vietnam and China"?

    That's what I thought, hypocrite.

  3. Gerald Celente is a wise and brilliant man who should know that John Kerry was a member of Skull and Bones, which originated in Germany as a death cult prior to being introduced to America in 1832.

    Speaking of psychopaths, wasn't George W. Bush also a class of 1968 member of Skull and Bones whose given pledge name was Temporary? So as we all remember the 2004 Presidential election was between two "Bonesmen" who seem to have had a fraternal agreement to let the big dog win the race while the little dog rolled on his back and exposed himself to defeat by not contesting Ohio.

    Texas Godfather, George Herbert Walker Bush's pledge name was Magog because he had the most active sex life before reciting his sexual history from an open casket as all Skull and Bones members have for generations. This ritual of sex, death, and blackmail make the psychotic members of Skull and Bones a tight knit mafia which can work together to further their agenda of complete domination while being rewarded for the untimely death of millions of votive sacrifices.

    I am sure that Prescott Bush and Averell Harriman as former "Bonesmen" look up in wonder at the soaring height of the fascist edifice that they laid the foundation for so many years ago. Psychopaths tend to be proud of their work, but seem to derive more pleasure from their vocation than the general public.

  4. The murders in power are sure hell bent on starting World War 3.