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Bill Clinton Sent His Ark State Troopers to Savagely Beat Gary Johnson in June 1992

By Robert Morrow
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Gary Johnson was both the lawyer of Clinton nemesis Larry Nichols and the neighbor of Gennifer Flowers - a potent combination.

 Go to  the 47:30 minute mark of the Clinton Chronicles and watch Larry Nichols interview his former lawyer Gary Johnson who was beaten into a pulp, almost murdered by Bill Clinton’s inner circle Arkansas state troopers attempting to cover up the Bill/Gennifer Flowers affair which the Clintons were still lying about in 1992. This occurred 2 weeks before the Democratic national convention that year.

 Go to 47:30 minute mark.

 Raymond Buddy Young and 2 other Arkansas state troopers were the ones who savagely beat and nearly killed Gary Johnson. These were the same Arkansas state troopers who went public in 1993, humiliating the Clintons, especially Hillary, because they were not given high paying federal jobs. Privately they have admitted to this heinous crime, but publicly they have not been willing to incriminate themselves in this heinous crime.
 Gary Johnson today is a broken and terrified man; his life was ruined because of this savage Bill Clinton-ordered assault. In 1998 an investigator for Paula Jones found Gary Johnson. He was extremely afraid the Clinton Administration and was in fear for his life. The Clintons are psychopaths: Bill is charming, but he will murder you if he needs to.

 Gennifer Flowers (1991-1992) was also a victim of a Clinton terror campaign: her apartment was broken into many times until it was finally utterly ransacked in a blatant psychological raping of her. Scroll to the end to read her story.

The producer of the CLINTON CHRONICLES is a friend of mine. Bill Clinton was really upset by this production and called it "That damn video." His claim that it was a Jerry Falwell video was false. Falwell was simply one of the many distributors who wanted to make sure that the public saw it.

Attack Larry Nichols if you like. He made some foolish predictions. But pay attention to the interview with attorney Gary Johnson.

Here is the overview. Johnson lived next door to Gennifer Flowers at the Quapaw Towers. The security camera used to protect his condo also caught her door. That camera taped Bill going into Gennifer Flowers' condo on numerous occasions with his own key.

Keep in mind that Clinton was denying the affair with Gennifer Flowers. Anthony Pellicano, the guy now in prison in California, was hired to claim that Flowers' taped conversations with Bill were doctored. They were not. That has been proven.

Had this security camera tape surfaced while he was lying about Flowers, it would have sent the evil couple back to Arkansas. If it was the Democrats' turn for the presidency in 1992, so be it. But any one of them could have presided over a great economy by just staying out of the way. The Clintons are criminals. Johnson's video could have certainly saved this nation a great deal of grief. We would not be facing the prospect of Hillary in 2008.

You will hear Johnson tell how three henchmen confiscated the tape, then proceeded to smash in his nasal cavity, break his collarbone, break his elbows, puncture his bladder and spleen, and leave him for dead.
No, this kind of stuff is not old news and will come back stronger than ever with Hillary in the White House. The Clintons have used private investigators to threaten witnesses and have used the IRS against its enemies. Unfortunately, what is sealed within the Barrett Report is not for public view. Someone who knew what he had to do threatened the lives of Kathleen Willey's children to try to keep her from testifying in the Paula Jones case. Those who are charged with protecting the interests of the Clintons will always do what they need to do. You saw what they did to Billy Dale. There is still much that the public does not even know.

Watch the Johnson interview. Pass it on. People can make their own judgments, but they need to have all of the information.

Do not ever doubt that Hillary Rodham Clinton is capable of doing anything for power. Anything.

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The savage beating of Gary Johnson is a perfect example of the vicious, illegal and criminal intimidation tactics of Hillary, Bill and Buddy Young. These are thugs who should be in jail, not involved in any way, shape or form in politics. Anti-Clinton activists listen, the beating up of Gary Johnson on Friday, 6-26-92 is the FIRST thing that I bring up when I talk about Clinton pond scum.

I think that the SAME people who organized the beating of Gary Johnson are very possibly the SAME people who organized the murder of Jerry Parks on Sunday, 9-26-93. At the very least Hillary, Bill and Buddy Young are strong SUSPECTS in both of these crimes.

Thirdly, is the harassment campaign of Patrick Knowlton on 10-26-95 and continuing for several days with perhaps 25 people wrapping him in a intimidation net of street fascism. All because Patrick Knowlton says he did not see Vince Foster’s car at Fort Marcy Park on 7-20-93, the day Vince died (suicide or murder, I think suicide).

4th the criminal harassment campaign on Kathleen Willey - nailgunning her tires, stealing her cat Bullseye, trying to intimidate her while she was walking her dogs on 1-8-98 just 2 days before her Saturday deposition on 1-10-98 in the Paula Jones case. When Kathleen went to pick up her paper on Sunday morning a dead animal’s skull had been place on her front doorstep - ANOTHER intimidation tactic by Clinton goons.

That was witness tampering in both the cases of Patrick Knowlton and Kathleen Willey.

There are many other examples, the harassment of Suzi Parker a reporter on the tainted Arkansas prison blood case, etc.

It is VERY important that the above information be broadcast FAR AND WIDE to the media and the voters.

  1. Robert Morrow says:25 Jul 2007  at  06:23 pm | # 

So, what were Hillary’s thugs trying to cover up when they nearly murdered Gary Johnson on 6-26-92, just 2 weeks before the 1992 Democratic national convention.

Clinton thugs beat and almost murdered Gary Johnson during 1992 campaign –
and stole key videotapes of Bill

Hillary and Bill use violence to cover up their wildly dysfunctional Jerry Springer lifestyle. Hillary and/or Bill sent someone to beat up and almost murder Gary Johnson, who was Gennifer Flowers’ neighbor. Gary Johnson had a security camera installed at his condominium and by chance he had many tapes of Bill entering Gennifer’s condominium while governor (and obviously, “married” to Hillary). Bill felt free to live life as a sex maniac, but he was paranoid that anyone would get pictures or videos proving his lifestyle. Gary Hart, in 1988, had his presidential campaign sunk because of pictures of him and Donna Rice sitting in his lap, on the yacht Monkey Business, were printed by the National Enquirer.

In my opinion, Hillary and/or Bill Clinton personally sent thugs who beat up Gary Johnson and left him for dead on June 26th, 1992, right in the middle of the 1992 presidential campaign. Both of Johnsons’ elbows were dislocated, his collar bones broken and his spleen and bladder were ruptured. Johnsons’ nose and sinus cavities were crushed. Johnson says that these 3 big, beefy men with crew cuts “looked like [Arkansas] state troopers” and they savagely beat him, nearly killing him, after Gary handed over his videotapes of Clinton entering Flowers’ apartment.
Bill and Hillary had appeared earlier in ’92 on the show 60 Minutes (right after the Super Bowl on 1-26-92), pretending to be a happy family and Bill said he had only talked to Gennifer twice and saying he had never been to her condominium and, of course, did not have an affair with her. Videotapes proving that he had been frequently to Flowers’ condominium would have imperiled his ’92 presidential campaign.  In fact Bill was screwing Gennifer from 1977, the year he got her pregnant, until 1989. Not only did Bill helped pay for Gennifer’s abortion (in Jan. 1978) after she told him she was pregnant in December 1977, but Bill later told his close aide, Arkansas state trooper Roger Perry, that Gennifer “could suck a tennis ball through a garden hose.” (Boy Clinton, p. 278)

Bill and Gennifer: sex freaks lathered in honey, ketchup, milk and “whatever”
Hillary’s secret police used to stop  ugly truth from getting out in ’92 campaign:

Gennifer says that Bill used to play sex games with food: “Bill would slowly squeeze the honey all over my body; then sensually rub it all over me … We also used to love to sit on the floor and play sex games using all sorts of food. He would blindfold me, then go to the kitchen … I loved it when he would slowly pour juice into my mouth until it overflowed, and little streams of liquid would trickle down my naked body. Before long we’d both be so turned on, he’d be rubbing this smooth, gooey mixture all over me. He’d take me to the bed, I’d pull him down on top of me, and we’d make love. What a sensation! … After those food fests we’d both be covered with ketchup and milk and whatever …” [Gennifer Flowers, Passion and Betrayal, p.74-75]
Bill and Gennifer were also into bondage, dripping wax, ice cubes and spanking – all the standard sex freak stuff. Their nickname for Bill’s penis was “Willard” and Gennifer in her book says Bill would refer to Hillary as “Sarge” or “Hilla the Hun.” [When with Dolly Browning, Bill would call Hillary the “Warden.”]

Gennifer takes on Bondage Bill with a dildo-shaped vibrator

Bill, in his 60 Minutes interview with Hillary on 1-26-92 denied ever having an affair with Gennifer, calling the allegations “false.” Hillary and Bill are genetically unable to tell the truth or say “no comment.” They have to lie and deny, lie and deny, all the while sicing a secret police on the victims. Bill did tell CBS interviewer Steve Croft that Gennifer was “an acquaintance. I would :รจsay a friendly acquaintance.” Yep 

Gennifer says she took silk scarves and tied up Bill to her bedposts. Gennifer says, “I teased him and played with him until he was almost out of his mind with excitement … Bill, as always, wanted to take it a step further, so the next time I tied him to the bed, he asked me to use a dildo-shaped vibrator on him. It was exciting to see him getting so aroused, and I couldn’t wait to untie him so he could use it on me.” [Passion and Betrayal, p. 75]

Flowers later told Larry King on national TV that once in the Arkansas Governor’s mansion she gave Bill a blow job, while Bill, standing in a window, waved at Hillary who was standing outside below!

Bill, Hillary, and their secret police in the 1992 campaign were desperate to prevent the truth about the Bill’s affair with Gennifer and a 100 other similar stories from their wildly dysfunctional Jerry Springer lifestyle from becoming public. The Clinton’s secret police, hired by Hillary, used illegal and criminal intimidation tactics to shut people up, all the while the Bill and Hillary were lying through their teeth about these so-called “rumors.” I believe that Bill/Hillary ordered Buddy Young to beat up and nearly kill Gary Johnson, Gennifer Flowers’ neighbor, because he had security camera tapes of Bill entering her condominium. The 3 thugs, beefy and wearing short hair cuts like Arkansas state troopers, stole Gary’s videotapes.

Robert Morrow is an investigative historian. He can be reached at or by phone at 512-306-1510.


  1. That near murder of Gary Johnson is very important. He was a lawyer for Larry Nichols and neighbor of Gennifer Flowers. Privately Bill's state trooper goons have confessed to beating and nearly murdering Gary Johnson on the direct orders of Bill Clinton.

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  2. This isn’t the same Gary Johnson that governs New Mexico, is it?