Saturday, February 8, 2014

DISGUSTING Rand Paul Meets with George P. Bush

Politico reports:
Sen. Rand Paul on Friday met with George P. Bush, a rising star in Texas GOP politics, to discuss how to broaden the Republican Party’s appeal in diverse communities.

“Really I wanted to get advice from him, as much as anything, about how the party grows in Texas and states with large Hispanic populations,” Paul (R-Ky.) told POLITICO backstage after stumping for a state senate candidate here[...]“He’s very personable and I love to see the young faces, the new faces, maybe in the party,” Paul said of Bush. “I also think he brings a lot to the party as far as being a fluent Spanish speaker.”

George P. is an up and coming  member of the Bush crime family. Outside of ingratiating himself with the power elite, there is no reason for Rand to meet with this character.

Bush, the son of former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush, is running for land commissioner here. The land commissioner;position is a very powerful one in Texas.

Notes Texas Politics:
The Land Commissioner, as the head of the General Land Office is known, gains power and significance as a result of the large amount of public land in the state and the resources, particularly energy, that are found on many of these lands. He or she is elected to a four-year term.

The General Land Office administers the use of all state-owned lands. This responsibility includes leasing for gas and oil production, mining, and grazing, and monitoring the environmental quality of public lands and waters. The office also operates the veterans' land program, in which state bonds are used to underwrite loans to military veterans for land purchases.

The Land Commissioner authorizes exploration and exploitation of public lands, so the Commissioner's decisions affect hundreds of millions of dollars in economic activity. This also has a significant impact on state government and services, as the General Land Office generates hundreds of millions of dollars in royalties on oil and gas extracted from state lands.

George P. tweeted out a picture with Rand:

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  1. Rand Paul is infiltrating the mafia, of course he'll shake some dirty hands.

    1. LOL @ The Donnie Brasco of politics.
      Maybe Johnny Depp can play him too.

  2. Rand Paul has blown his chances with his Amnesty/Hispandering approach--and meeting with a leader of that faction will further discredit any notion that he is an adept politician.

  3. The Texas GOP did everything in its power to try to defeat Ron Paul several times. Young Rand might remember that when the chips are down and he's counting on their help.

  4. Oye Rand--------
    Ya got some Bush salsa on your chin.

  5. He just rode through town:

    Recall this is Jeb's boy. George P. is also a PEU, private equity underwriter through Pennybacker Capital and St. Augustine Partners LLC.

  6. I am here to smack the Tea Party clowns upside the head with a big dose of the grim reality that is developing in Texas right now, its called "Bush/Paul 2016". Rand Paul is in Texas acting like a cross between Karl Rove's ventriloquist dummy and vaudeville comedian Stepin Fetchit, bowing and scraping for a place as a soldier in the Bush Mafioso Family. He is auditioning for the role as Jeb Bush's Vice Presidential hit man to push a political button on the "Clinton Family" for the next 33 months, to soften her up real good for the Godfather in Texas. Jeb wants to deliver the political scalp of Hillary as a present for George Herbert Walker Bush before he goes to meet his maker, and passes on the title of Godfather to the former Governor of Florida.

    Rand Paul is not "playing the game" as some Tea Party Neanderthals on this and many other websites would like to believe, he is kissing the ring on the hand of the Texas Godfather while he is on his knees. For Rand Paul to go to Texas which is the home of fascism in America and make a deal with the devil shows more than anything he has done before that the "Lord of The Flies" lives in his fatally flawed heart.

  7. And God appeared to Rand as a burning Bush and said, "Lead my people out of bondage."

    [Yeah, I know...]

  8. "he brings a lot to the party as far as being a fluent Spanish speaker." It's so much easier to lie to people in their native tongue.

  9. The guy isn't even a fluent Spanish speaker. He can't even speak Spanish that well. He's the whitest Hispanic person ever. Watch him on Univision: