Monday, February 17, 2014

Donna Brazile Tells The President To Seize More Power Today

Donna "Fog Horn" Brazile , the Democratic National Committee vice chairwoman, ABC News and CNN commentator, tweets out to the President:


  1. Jeez! What's she want?? A coup d'etat???
    Of course, that's unnecessary...:(

  2. Do think someone will tell her he's on recess too, golfing with cronies away from the snow and ice?

  3. Checks and balances are such annoyances to a good despot.

    At least Donna Brazile understands that.

  4. Never let a congressional recess go to waste, eh Donna?

    What would her reaction be if someone she didn't approve of was president and taking advantage of "action day"? Is there any doubt this despicable woman would be squealing like a stuck pig?