Sunday, February 9, 2014

Former Mayor Willie Brown on the Homeless Situation in San Francisco

Willie Brown writes:
Let's be honest, the homeless were in the parks before I was mayor, and they will be in the parks long after we are all gone.

Because no matter how many programs we fund and no matter how many people we put in housing, there is no changing the fact that crazy people, addicts, drunks or what have you all have a constitutional right to be on the street and that as a society we respect their right to sleep there.

We can make all the rules we want about not sleeping in parks or not sitting on the street or not using the street as a public toilet, but we don't enforce them - so nothing is going to change.
The only people more lunatic, than the crazies on the streets of San Francisco, are the lefty lunatics who think the crazy have a "right" to piss, shit and sleep all day on the streets of San Francisco.

The best solution, of course, is to privatize the damn streets and sidewalks and let private charity find a place for the homeless, but that is a very long way from happening in the Peoples Republic of San Francisco. The next best solution is to allow them to only piss, shit and sleep on the sidewalks of the Tenderloin district, south of Market Street, which seems to be their district, anyway, as much as The Castro is the gay district.

The Tenderloin.


  1. Or we could give them all free houses! It actually works and it's cheaper for the state...

    1. Great example of the state spending money (free apartments) to fix a problem created by the state (forcing hospitals to service the homeless). Yes, an apartment is cheaper than a hospital room. I don't need a gov funded study to know that.

  2. What happened to defending the undefendable? If you have a right to damage someone's reputation, why don't you have a right to take a dump on the street to express your contempt for society? Maybe these "crazy people" are libertarians protesting the state.

  3. Tenderloin is south of Market? Are you sure you are not thinking of Mission? Anyway, we preferred to call it "lower Nob Hill" -- as in much, much lower...