Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Gawker: Sad People Are Standing on the Sidewalk in Tokyo to Protest Bitcoin

Sam Biddle writes for Gawker:
Sad People Are Standing on the Sidewalk in Tokyo to Protest Bitcoin

One of the biggest forces in the ever-shady Bitcoin economy, MtGox, has been blocking withdrawals. If you've invested real money in speculative cyber-money, this is bad news—and it's spurred the saddest protest I've ever seen[...] 
These two fellows have been standing outside MtGox's Tokyo offices demanding answers, and perhaps their money, for days. They've stood in the rain. They've stood in the sun. Maybe they've had enough time to reconsider investing cash in internet money.

Mt Gox recently reported it has opened over one million accouts.


  1. Was really hoping you wouldn't go a whole day without hating on Bitcoin. Thanks, I can't go a day without some nonsense from EPJ.

    1. Reporting on reality isn't "hating".

    2. You aren't reporting accurately, so yes, it is "hating". The protest was specifically about Mt. Gox, and not bitcoin as a whole. Mt. Gox has been known to have shady practices for a very long time, which is why they went from being the largest exchange by far, with around 87% of the market at their peak, down to 4th or 5th before this nonsense even started.

      The other exchanges are working, and at the most shut down withdrawals for a few days to double check their own code against Mt. Gox's claims.

      If you want to report on the news, please, keep your opinions out of it, and do not twist the truth. Develop some journalistic integrity.

  2. Misleading title. They are not protesting Bitcoin; they are protesting Mt. Gox. Did you read the sign on the right? 'MtGox don't blame Bitcoin for your bad code.'

    But really Satoshi's vision is to eliminate the need to trust entities with the private keys of wealth. Mr. Odom's recent presentation in Miami is a must view to understand this extremely important point:

  3. Here's what "the Honey Badger of money" has to say about this FUD:

  4. Is honey badger the guy standing on the right or the left? hahahaha shitcoins!