Friday, February 14, 2014

It's Official: Murray Sabrin to Seek the Republican Nomination for the US Senate

Here's the official statement from Murray:
Dear Friends of Liberty:

I’m all in!  I am seeking the U.S. Senate Republican nomination to face off against Cory Booker in the November election. 

After many discussions with GOP party leaders and grassroots activists, I announced my candidacy for the US Senate on 101.5 FM (New Jersey’s most listened station) yesterday on the Dennis and Judi show. They could not be more gracious. Judi summed up my campaign, Liberty and Prosperity, the State’s motto.  At the end the Q&A, I mentioned that 2014 has special meaning for me because my late father’s 100th birthday would be in May. 

With that said, your support right now at would allow me to carry the message of limited—very limited—government to the voters in the Fall.

A Sabrin-Booker U.S. Senate race will give voters in New Jersey—and around the country--an opportunity to hear two distinct visions for America:  My views are that a government that governs least governs best, that you should keep more of your hard earned money, that your privacy must not be trampled by the federal government, that federal government spending must be reduced and that healthcare is too important to be managed by government bureaucrats, that the Federal Reserve should no longer manipulate interest rates and debase our money, and that we should not, I repeat must not be the world’s policeman, versus Cory Booker who supports  1) a bigger welfare state, 2) higher taxes 3) the federal government’s gross violations of our civil liberties, 4) the health care nightmare known as Obamacare, 5) the Federal Reserve’s crony capitalism and 6) an interventionist foreign policy. 

I will call for personal and business tax cuts so the American people and businesses can use their income to provide for themselves, their families and grow their businesses. Cory Booker’s will defend the progressive income tax, which punishes successful people.

My position is that federal spending must be cut, not increase at a slower rate, whileCory Booker supports more federal spending and regulations

I will unequivocally and passionately defend the Bill of Rights while Cory Booker will defend President Obama's massive surveillance of our emails and phone calls.

While I will work to repeal Obamacare and return healthcare decisions to individuals and their physiciansCory Booker will defend Obamacare, which is nothing more than a stop on the way to a total federal government takeover of healthcare in America.

To make the case for liberty, free enterprise and a common sense—humble, noninterventionist--foreign policy, we need to raise $100,000 immediately to get the campaign off the ground for a great victory in the June 3rd Republican primary.  The filing deadline to appear on the primary ballot is March 31.  Time is of the essence.

The legal maximum contribution to the primary campaign is $2,600. But any investment, $25, $50, $100, $500, $1,000 at this time would be deeply appreciated. 

As one Facebook friend posted on my page, “I would pay to see you debate Booker. The question is, would he show up?”

You can make the Sabrin-Booker debates possible in the Fall by making the most generous contribution now at

To take on the political establishment in Washington DC we need your generoussupport today to have the "fuel" to propel us to victory on June 3 in the Republican primary so we can lay the foundation for an uncompromising campaign for free enterprise and limited government in the Fall.  

Your investment in my campaign now will shake the political establishment to its very core, because it does not want a pro-freedom candidate to take on President Obama and his big government allies in the United States Senate. 

Let’s send the greatest message to the political elites and the crony capitalists now; Murray Sabrin is going to the United States Senate to take on the big government politicians.   Only you can make that happen with a generous contribution now at

As Judge Andrew Napolitano inscribed in one of his books on the Constitution to me, Murray Sabrin’s "life is a profound devotion to human freedom."  In another inscription the Judge wrote, Murray Sabrin is "the gold standard when it comes to the defense of human freedom."

If not now, when?  If not us, who?   Your generous investment today to my campaign will allows us to begin the hard work of restoring liberty and free enterprise in America.  Your support at this time would make a Sabrin-Booker U.S. race a reality, and as one journalist told me a few days ago, “the most exciting race in the country this year.” 

Please visit the campaign’s website,, which is a work in progress, to make the most generous contribution you can today so together we can begin to reestablish a free America in our lifetime. 

For Liberty,

P.S.  Please make the most generous investment you can today  Time is of the essence

P.P.S.  The attacks have begun.  In the Star Ledger’s online announcement of my entry into the U.S. Senate race, “John Currie, the state Democratic chairman, said New Jersey voters "have already soundly rejected" Sabrin's "discredited and out-of-touch ideas."“It’s clear the only ‘serious, mature discussion’ in this year’s Senate election will be between New Jerseyans and Senator Cory Booker, who is fighting every day in Washington for ideas that create opportunity for everyone – raising the minimum wage, supporting small businesses and spurring innovation," Currie said.

NOTE: A couple of days back, I had a long conversation with Murray. He's the real thing. A down the list libertarian. I don't expect any waffling or distorted messages from Murray, like the types you see coming from Rand Paul. I told Murray that I would support him, but if he starts to go the Rand Paul route, I would attack him more ferociously than Rand. His response was that he thinks a clear libertarian message can be delivered. Just what I wanted to hear. Go Murray!


  1. Imagined Press statement from Murray Sabrin" John Currie is wrong on the idea of freedom being out of touch and discredited when its people like him preventing Americans of all walks of life from enjoying its fruits apart of course the special interests he represents":

  2. Sorry to interject some reality here but Murray Sabrin does not stand a chance against Cory Booker, period. Not in New Jersey anyway. Just like Peter Schiff never stood a chance in Connecticut. Honest people with good ideas finish last in politics, especially in screwed up blue states like New Jersey, where bad ideas, obnoxious personalities and personal corruption seem to be requirements for public office.

    1. So what?
      You got something to lose?

    2. Sad but true. One wonders if the money might be better spent on undiluted educational efforts, such as those of the Mises Institute.

      Contra Ron Paul, freedom is unpopular. For now anyway.

    3. " Honest people with good ideas finish last in politics...."

      Of course. He can use it as a teaching tool though like Ron Paul. But hopefully people of liberty will realize that politics is a dead end.

      And yes Timothy, freedom is definitely unpopular. Not sure why Ron Paul thinks it is. Most people still prefer to have their ass wiped by mommy and daddy government.

    4. @ Timothy
      I don't mean this as a slight of the Mises institute, but i doubt they've made equal amount of converts in the same amount of time as Ron Paul has.
      For a libertarian to run (on principles) *is* and educational effort

  3. Sounds good.
    Hope he draws some attention.

  4. He wouldn't want to win anyway. Why would any self-respecting libertarian want to become a parasite on the taxpayer?

  5. oh, oh, the anarchists will be squirming now!