Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Jerry Seinfeld: "Who Cares" About Diversity in Comedy

Seinfeld does a nice job here of smacking down the politically correct crowd. The guy definitely has more balls than most. Go Jerry!


  1. Bravo Jerry, Bravo!

    I like the tone he took as well. "This really pisses me off." Good for him. Could you imagine if Jerry Seinfeld wasn't Jewish? Would he be accused of being an anti semite due to his guests as well?

    The PC crowd is insufferable.

  2. For fucks sake! Does EVERY fucking reporter HAVE to bring the PC bullshit to every interview now? Everything is SO politicized anymore. I feel like I live in the Soviet Union.

    1. The over educated and pervasively ignorant drones of the journalism "profession" don't HAVE to spout PC bullshit. They do it because they LIKE to. They do it because they are completely programmed by the thought control apparatus of government schools. They LIKE being regime lapdogs, blithering fools and accomplices to Orwellian crimes against truth . That makes them even more pathetic and worthy of our contempt.

    2. Yes I know. you know what I mean.

  3. Hey! As a trans-gender, gay, Mexican-American, of Jewish-Arab decent who is a practicing Christian/Satanist with a fondness for bondage and beastiallity, I take exception to that remark.

    [Yea, I know...]