Wednesday, February 5, 2014

McDonald’s Is Running Out of Ketchup in Argentina

This what happens when you have a government that prints money like crazy and then thinks it can get out of the mess by price controls and import controls.

Quartz reports:

In Argentina, McDonald’s is running short of ketchup. And pretty much everyone has noticed.

“I was just told at McDonald’s there’s no ketchup because it’s stuck at customs,” one fast food goer remarked on Twitter this past Saturday.

Hordes of Argentines took to social media to share their despair. The company’s Facebook page is freighted with comments asking about the shortage. And the condiment deficiency isn’t a one, two, or three store coincidence; McDonald’s is, plainly put, having trouble keeping ketchup at its 200+ stores in Argentina. The restaurant chain admitted as much, and apologized for it, on Twitter yesterday.

The ketchup shortage at our local branches is momentary and we hope to solve it as soon as possible. We’re bringing in other sauces to replace it while we try to fix the problem.


  1. Ketchup, haaa!

    ...Wait until the BEER runs out, then you'll see some serious shit...

  2. Mcdonalds Argentina's new marketing slogan: "No me encanta!"