Thursday, February 6, 2014

More Trouble for the Fat Man (and His Lieutenant)

New Jersey Watchdog reports:
A New Jersey Watchdog reporter has won the latest round in a three-year battle for public records surrounding the state’s hush-hush investigation of an alleged pension scheme implicating Lt. Gov. Kim Guadagno.
Administrative Law Judge Linda M. Kassekert ordered the state Treasury to release 25 of 26 documents the Christie Administration has fought hard to keep secret. The parties have a Feb. 11 deadline to appeal the decision.
Guadagno would become acting governor of New Jersey if an embattled Gov. Chris Christie does not serve his full term.
The controversy focuses on an alleged pension scheme and false statements by Guadagno when she was Monmouth County sheriff.
Treasury officials gathered the documents during an inquiry of whether Guadagno’s chief officer, Michael W. Donovan Jr., improperly collected nearly $85,000 a year in state retirement pay in addition to his $87,500 annual salary.
Kassekert rejected Treasury’s blanket argument that the documents should be exempt from disclosure as personnel or pension records.
“No part of the twenty-six documents contains the kind of information about Michael Donovan that would make it part of his personnel or pension record,” she wrote in her 19-page opinion.
The judge is allowing Treasury to completely withhold one document as being “deliberative.” In that internal memo, a state auditor recommends potential courses of action, according to Kassekert.

(ht Bill Bergman)


  1. Bob, "man" seems a little too respectful. How about just "fatty" or "pig" or "hog?"

  2. Or "Oompa Loompa."

  3. Gov. Christie has enough problems. Referring to his girth is not the point and probably counterproductive. The above mentioned Lt. Gov situation is status quo in The Garden State and is used by both Dems and GOP. I doubt it will get much traction because it would embarrass both parties.

    1. His girth reflects his lack of discipline and principles.