Monday, February 24, 2014

Mt. Gox May Have Lost 750,000 Bitcoins

Joris De Donder emails:
Not yet sure what to make of this but @twobitidiot claims MtGox lost 750,000 BTC.
MtGox Situation: Crisis Strategy Draft:

Also see:

HOT: Report Bitcoin Exchange Mt. Gox Insolvent


  1. Many folks are now getting a painful lesson in "counterparty risk". Like gold & silver, always take possession of your bitcoins. Bitcoin was created to be used "person to person" without having to trust "third person financial institutions" . Time for many folks to re-read the original Bitcoin white paper:

    and study the pre-genesis of Bitcoin:

  2. That's ridiculous! They're right over he... No, they're over ther... No, wait a minute, they're... Well CRAP! Where'd they go?

    You don't suppose they never existed in the first place...

    [No, that would be just plain silly. Everybody knows they're like magic beans or fairies. You may not be able to see, touch, smell, or taste them, but all you have to do is believe. I do believe in Tinker Bell, I do believe in Tinker Bell, I do believe...]