Thursday, February 27, 2014

Murray Sabrin on the Issues is live. Here is Murray on the issues:

The Economy, the Federal Reserve and Crony Capitalism

The U.S. economy is experiencing the worst recovery since the end of World War II.  Despite trillion dollar  budget deficits under President Obama and the Federal Reserve’s unconscionable money printing known as Quantitative Easing, which has dropped interest rates on savings accounts to virtually 0%, America’s real unemployment rate is more than 20%, according to some economists.  In other words, the federal government’s fiscal and monetary policies have not not “stimulated” the economy.
The American people should initiate a class action suit against the Federal Reserve for financial malpractice.
America’s free enterprise system has been replaced by crony capitalism–bailouts of Wall Street and politically connected firms, and subsidies to inefficient businesses. We need to return to a free market economy across the board so we can enjoy the fruits of a prosperity based on real savings and investments.

Civil Liberties and the Growing Threats to Our Constitutional Rights

Murray became a naturalized citizen on June 25th, 1959 at age 12.  He raised his right hand and swore that he would defend the Constitution from all enemies foreign and domestic.  The real threat to our rights is from the Obama administration, and he will work tirelessly in the United States Senate to repeal every law that infringes on the American people’s constitutional rights that are guaranteed in the Bill of Rights.

Healthcare and ObamaCare

If war is too important to be left to generals, then healthcare is too important to be left to politicians and bureaucrats.  We need to return healthcare decisions to physicians and patients and restore a free market in healthcare, including a nonprofit health care network that provides free healthcare to the uninsured and to low-income families.  In short, Obamacare must be repealed.
Murray is a founding trustee of the Bergen Volunteer Medical Initiative in Hackensack, New Jersey.  He spent several years as trustee planning the creation of the nonprofit center before stepping down in 2008.

The Federal Budget and Taxes 

The federal budget is more than $3.6 trillion.  Instead of promoting the “general welfare” the federal budget is a hodgepodge of special interest spending that undermines the economy’s performance by redistributing income and wealth.  We need to reduce spending not just lower the rate of the budget’s increase.  Moreover, Murray will introduce legislation to reduce tax rates and call for the ending taxes on savings and investment so America will be the most attractive nation in the world to create and grow a business.In addition, the monstrous amount of economic regulations on the books is stifling opportunities and creating uncertainty among business owner and managers.  Murray will work to repeal all unnecessary regulations so the entrepreneurial spirit can blossom once again in America.

Foreign Policy

As a son of Holocaust survivors Murray learned about the horrors of war growing up from his parents who were the only ones in their respective families that survived the Holocaust.  Murray believes the U.s. military should be used to defend and America’s borders and security and not try to build nations around the world.  He believes like “Mr. Republican,” the late Senator Robert Taft, that entangling alliances are not in the interests of our country and puts a huge burden on American taxpayers.
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