Saturday, February 22, 2014

Murray Sabrin's Wife on Murray

Dear Friends:

When will this weather end?  Snow, rain, sleet, near zero temperatures, I am almost sorry we sold our Florida condo. But in a little over three weeks our spring break cruise will begin.   That's the good news. The bad news is Murray's not going with me on the cruise even though he booked it over a year ago, because he has to stay in New Jersey and attend several county conventions to make the case why he should be the Republican nominee for United States Senate this year. Needless to say, I am not a happy camper.

I know, however, that his passion to do something about the mess in Washington DC has now become his overriding passion. And if I've learned anything in 45 years of marriage, Murray pursues his goals with gusto and with the unrelenting commitment to get the job done.

Right now, Murray is doing an incredible job since he announced his candidacy days ago. He has been on the phone every day raising the money to run a competitive campaign in the primary and get his message out-- one that he has been articulating for 40 years--to the voters for the June 3 primary. We both agree that this is his last campaign, unless he wins in November. He even said that he would be happy just to serve one term as a US senator, because he would be 74 in 2020 when his term expires. As Murray said to me before he made the decision to enter the race, he doesn't want to die a sitting US senator.   God willing he will live as long as his mother who passed away five years ago at age 89 and live as long some of the economists he has admired who lived to be nearly 100 years old.

After Murray sent his letter to all of you I read it and I must tell you it was one of the best pieces he's ever written in all the time I've known him. Murray expresses the concerns of parents and grandparents like yourselves but also he spoke with every fiber of his being about how the country is in jeopardy because of the misguided policies of Washington politicians. In other words, Murray knows his "stuff" and is ready to be a leader in the United States Senate.

That's why he needs your help now, not for himself but for your kids and grandkids, nieces and nephews and the generations that will follow us.   So far, one of his colleagues has contributed $1000 to the cause.  By the end of the month his campaign needs to raise at least $30,000, and it will be even more energized than it is today. Last night, after writing his letter at 5 o'clock in the morning, working the phones, doing his schoolwork, he fell asleep at his computer at around 9 o'clock. I don't know where he gets the energy to do all this, but as you all know Murray relishes the opportunity to provide solutions for what is wrong with the country.

I'm running out of words to say now. Please visit his website, which is undergoing an overhaul to include all the issues Murray deeply cares about and other content. Please make the most generous contribution for him so we can win this nomination and then the general election do what is necessary in the United States Senate to help America regain its philosophical roots.  Also, please let all your friends know about his campaign. I know there are people who are frustrated, angry and cynical about what is going on in the country, but if enough people who are worried about the future make a contribution at, he can spend less time on the phones and get some rest.

Thanks for taking the time to read this.   I know you'll support Murray with a generous donation at his website,

See you on Facebook,

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