Tuesday, February 11, 2014

My Letter to the President of Loyola University

By Tom Woods

Dear Dr. Wildes:

No doubt you have received quite a bit of correspondence by now about Walter Block. I won’t rehash the main points. You are familiar with them already.

I will say that I find it impossible to believe that you, an intelligent man, believe your own interpretation of Walter’s remarks to the New York Times. You note that Walter’s comment about slavery seems to run counter to libertarian principles. You don’t say! Might that be an indication that the Times, which despises what Walter stands for, has distorted his views?

A university president ought to support his faculty in a case like this, in which he knows full well that a professor has been grotesquely mischaracterized. If this were an accurate rendering of Walter’s views, why was he considering a libel suit?

Had Walter been a left-wing professor accused of Stalinism, would you have been so quick to denounce him? The question answers itself.

This is why it is impossible to believe that any of this has to do with Walter’s remarks. You are not a fool. You know Walter, and you know where he stands. He has never kept his views a secret. You owed him better, and you failed him.

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  1. Fr. Wildes is doing his best to ensure his school newspaper's name is understood by the Looney Tunes definition: "A term of derision often uttered by Bugs Bunny when referring to an interaction with a dopey adversary."

    Much as I hate ad homs. . .what a maroon!

  2. Bravo Mr. Woods!

    Such a mighty mind, robust spirit, and tenaciousness in a man of such a small stature. Shows the power of knowledge, character, friendship, and wisdom. The pen is truly mightier.

    "Of no greater love hath a man than this..."

  3. Great.. especially the bit about slavery in the 1800s and conventional opinion.

  4. It wasn't a misqoute.

    Block was qouted word for word and accurately by the times.