Tuesday, February 11, 2014

An Austrian Has Reinvented the Door

Business Insider reports:

Austrian artist Klemens Torggler has reinvented the door with his latest project.
Called the Evolution Door (which we first spotted on the blog Colossal), the 4-panel door opens and closes elegantly as though it's made of pieces of paper. Roggler calls it a "flip panel door" (or "Dryehplattent├╝r").
Torggler has a few variations on this door, one with the origami-esque triangles that fold out to help the door move, and another system with rods that rotate two square panels.
Currently the door is a prototype, and comes in a glass, steel, and wood version.

Maybe Austrians should stick to economic theory.


  1. Sometimes Austrians do ok in physics:


  2. Maybe next he can do something about those squeaky floors.

    Pretty cool door though.

  3. Yes, the other economic schools are much more associated with doors, especially of the revolving type.

  4. Why the snark at the end? I would never want it in my own house, but I could see a bunch of people liking it. It is a pretty neat curiosity.

    I think it's healthy when people look at things differently instead of just accepting what everyone else is doing or saying - whether it's politics, history, or furniture.

    1. Yep. Pretty neat concept and the market will decide if it is good or not.

  5. I hope you can do that from both sides!

  6. What functional advantage does this design offer over a regular sliding door? Besides esthetics.