Wednesday, February 5, 2014

OMG: Rand Paul to Speak at "Lincoln-Reagan" Dinner

On February 8, 2014, Rand Paul will be in Houston to give the keynote address at the highly attended and prominent "Lincoln-Reagan" dinner, hosted by the Harris County Republican Party. The event is sold out.

Abraham Lincoln and Ronald Reagan are two of the most despicable men that have ruled this country. Don't expect Rand to inform dinner attendees about this.

For the truth about Lincoln, see Thomas DiLorenzo.

On Reagan, see Murray Rothbard's Ronald Reagan: An Autopsy


  1. I love your articles about Rand Paul.

    I have one question about Libertarianism. Would it be okay under the NAP if people lied to the government and to the voters as a mean to achieve the goal of a libertarian society? If the government lies to us would it in other words be okay to lie in selfdefence? I'm not saying that Rand Paul is lying in order to achieve that end or not because i don¨t know how much he has grown or shrinking the state as a senator.

  2. No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation. Art I Sec 10

  3. Lying is permitted under the NAP anyway, unless lying becomes fraud (i.e. if one lies in ways that violate contractually agreed terms).

    So one can say this already: Since we do NOT have any mutually agreed upon contractual obligation with the government (the government uses coercion, period) it is perfectly fine to lie to government.

    However, voters pay taxes whether they like it or not. Those taxes pay the salaries of politicians. Politicians do not have a right under the NAP to lie to voters. Since people are forced to pay the salaries of politicians, and cannot fire politicians in any ordinary sense of the word, or break contracts, lying to taxpayers amounts to the most extreme form of fraud: fraud backed up with the threat of violence.

    If we go all the way, we do not even have to wonder about lying being against the NAP. Rand Paul is *already* violating the NAP simply by virtue of being a politician, and taking part in a monopoly of coercion. He is also getting paid from forcibly extracted money. If he presented himself as a genuine libertarian intent on bringing libertarianism to society, he could be forgiven as someone trying to use the system to make a change.

    However, Rand Paul says he is NOT a libertarian, believes in government, makes various pro-statist statements, lies about various things (such as Reagan) to the public, believes in things (such as the illegalization of hard drugs) that are not even constitutional etc... He cannot be seen as lying to government (you can't lie to someone who's in on the lie); but he can ALREADY be seen as lying to *us*.