Sunday, February 2, 2014

Some People Anheuser-Busch Didn't Bring to the Parade

During the Super Bowl, you will see the below Budweiser ad of an Anheuser-Busch staged parade for a government trained killer, with attractive wife and all.

For some reason, Budweiser didn't pick these two for the commercial:

War is ugly and evil, especially when conducted by an empire advancing evil special interests.


  1. His T shirt says "Join." My cousin was a top recruiter for the National Guard. In 2004 he told me he made $82,000. He convinced 2 of his 3 sons to join. A picture with you and your two sons in full dress is a great recruiting tool.

    1. Your cousin should consider it blood money.....Linda in TX

  2. Wonder who supplies beer to the troops...

  3. They're not my heroes. I already contributed from the back end and front end of taxation to their paychecks.

    They're not my heroes until they defend me from Obamacare. Oh wait...that will take reading skills and an understanding of the rule of law. Never mind I'll have to do it myself.

    In the add for the Navy commercial there's this girl that states she's to defend the Constitution. The ironic thing is that she's taking orders from people that are trashing the Constitution and any sort of natural law. Why can't people make this connection?

    As for Bob's post, I think pop culture has come full circle in our society. We want pretty little things instead of the hard truth. Bob just showed how pop culture has enveloped the very people who supposed to be against it or, at least, a disdain for it - conservatives.

    If you don't want to see people in this sort of condition (picture 2), then don't encourage the young to go to war. Obviously, we don't want to see them in this condition because if we did want to see them, then they would have used the two maimed men in the second picture in the commercial.

  4. What's so sad is that the two guys in the pic volunteered to be cannon fodder for the empire. Now look at them. What a waste.