Friday, February 21, 2014

Ukraine Is Responsible For Its Demise…But We All May Suffer

By Daniel McAdams

Ukraine is an utter disaster. A few thousand violent rebels in a country of more than 40 million have turned Kiev into a post-apocalyptic hell, where the government is incapable of restoring order, incapable of protecting its own police force from snipers whose well-armed presence in buildings is reminiscent of the Syrian rebels (also backed by the US government).
US Ambassador Geoffrey Pyatt, who was caught on tape plotting the overthrow of the democratically-elected government of Ukraine — presumably in the name of democracy? — openly demands that a new government be formed and that the Ukrainian constitution be rewritten to limit presidential power.
This while his own boss, President Obama, has declared that he intends to disregard Congress and instead rule by Executive Order.
Secretary of State John Kerry demands that security forces be removed from the city center immediately and that they cease using force against rebels who are seeking to overthrow the government. He announced sanctions against those in Ukraine who have used force — on the government side, not among the rebels who shoot and burn alive law enforcement officials.
Witnessing the hypocrisy of US officials who have militarized the police in the United States at every opportunity telling foreign governments they dare not use force against those who seek a violent overthrow of constitutional order, one must ask who is really at fault here.
Is it the US, run by “deep government” interventionist forces who retain power regardless ofwho the citizens elect? Is it the intolerable EU, whose leadership endlessly lectures the rest of the world about democracy despite being unelected themselves?
Or is it the Ukrainian government itself?
As Paul Craig Roberts writes in a hard-hitting column today:
The Ukrainian and Russian governments allowed this dangerous situation to develop, because they naively permitted for many years billions of US dollars to flow into their countries where the money was used to create fifth columns under the guise of educational and human rights organizations, the real purpose of which is to destabilize both countries. The consequence of the trust Ukrainians and Russians placed in the West is the prospect of civil and wider war.
It is hard to argue with PCR about this. Failing to defend sovereignty, the Ukrainian regime has opened the door to the chaos and destruction it now faces. No country — from the most liberal democracy to the most authoritarian — would willingly allow foreign powers to subvert the rule of law in attempt to change the regime.
Dr. Roberts comes to this dire conclusion, with which it is also difficult to disagree:
Unless the Russian government and people are willing to accept Washington’s hegemony over Russia, Russia cannot tolerate the coup that the West is preparing in Ukraine. As it is unlikely that Western forces would be a match for the Russian army in its own backyard, or that self-righteous, hubristic Washington could accept defeat, the conflict toward which the corrupt Western governments are driving is likely to turn nuclear.
At the centenary of the start of the Great War, the insane neocons who control US foreign policy and their vain EU hypocrite allies are jack-booting us toward a repeat. The brakes are seemingly off the train…
Daniel McAdams is executive director of the Ron Paul Institute for Peace and Prosperity.
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  1. While Rand Paul can bloviate about Monica Lewinski at length, we hear nothing but crickets concerning the crisis in Ukraine. I guess Rand has not memorized his neocon talking points sufficiently to make a disjointed statement on Meet the Press.

  2. Correct - RAND PAUL is on the neocon list but don't confuse him with Dr RON Paul who is much saner and hasn't sold his soul.