Saturday, February 1, 2014

VIDEO Chess Champ Checkmates Bill Gates in 79 Seconds

Bill Gates played a game of chess against chess champ Magnus Carlsen, on a Norwegian television show. He got destroyed. He's almost as bad at chess as he is at economics.


  1. The guy play Chess like it was hockey, very aggressive. But, don't understand why Gates did the King-Rook move as a defense.

  2. No shame in that. It's like stepping in the ring with the boxing world champ. Even an ordinary guy in great condition would not stand the first 30 seconds. Probably not even 10.

    The order of magnitude between a grand master and a pretty good amateur is like between a furnace and a match.

  3. What a horrible job by the television director, changing camera views every 2-3 seconds. Terrible.