Monday, February 24, 2014

Walter Block’s Upcoming Speeches

March 20-22, 2014. Auburn, AL. Austrian Economic Research Conference (AERC);;; Walter Block will be speaking on 1. Several new books
of his; 2. Counterfeiting counterfeit money; 3. Privatizing oceans rivers and lakes; 4. South Royalton Conference after 40 years
March 27, 2014. New York City, Columbia University; NYC, ColumbiaUniversity Department of Italian; contact:; Prof. Jo Ann Cavallo, Department of Italian, 514 Hamilton Hall, MC 2835, 1130 Amsterdam Avenue, New York, NY 10027, 212-854-4982. 8:30pm. 312 Mathematics Building (Columbia University, Morningside Campus).  Contact: the Columbia College Libertarians at libertarians@columbia.edu;; Maria Cristina Nieves Gimenez de los Galanes Ca []. Thursday, March 27, 8:30pm, 312 Mathematics Building, Columbia University (entrance at 116th and Broadway)
Speech title: “Adam Smith, F.A. Hayek, Ludwig von Mises.” Smith, Hayek and Mises are not only important figures in economics, but in ethics and political philosophy too. The former would have won the Nobel Prize in economics, if this award were given during his lifetime. The middle mentioned one actually did have this honor bestowed upon him, in 1974. The latter, should have won this too, but, scandalously, did not. These three are very important for students in that modern economics courses, and economists, tend to ignore all of them, particularly the latter two, who were members of the Austrian School of economics. Block’s lecture will attempt to right this imbalance.
March 28, 2014. New York City, Columbia University; “Me and the NY Times.” Columbia College Libertarians at; 7:30pm;; Cristina Nieves Gimenez de los Galanes Ca []  Wien Hall ground floor lounge, Columbia University (entrance at 116th between Amsterdam Ave. and Morningside Dr.)
Speech title: “Me and the NY Times. “The New York Times Sunday edition of January 26, 2014 ran a hit piece on a likely candidate for president in 2016: “Rand Paul’s Mixed Inheritance.” (
Although I spent several hours with their journalist trying to explain the libertarian philosophy to him, the article he wrote managed to totally misconstrue this philosophy, at least where I was concerned. It went so far as to attribute to me the view that actual slavery in the U.S. was not “so bad.” In this lecture I intend to correct the record. I will also discuss a related issue: the critical view that most libertarians have about the so-called Civil Rights Act of 1964.
March 29, 2014. Hightstown, N.J. Libertarian Party of New Jersey State Convention; R. Jay Edgar, (848) 525-0578;;;; Justin T P Quinn []; details: Arneytown-Hornerstown Road; Cream Ridge, NJ 08514. Topic: “Minimum wages, unemployment, unions, and the male-female wage gap”
April 5, 2014. New Orleans. University of New Orleans. Young Americans for [mailto:] Lauren Evans; YAL State Convention  904 400 – 4588. “What is libertarianism?” Grand Ballroom, Student Center building.  All YAL conventions:; New Orleans convention:
April 5, 2014. Shea []: Mississippi State Libertarian Party State Convention; Beau Rivage Casino, 875 Beach Blvd Biloxi Ms;; Mario Barnes.  4th district representative Libertarian Party of MS.  “What needs to be done in the future and how we can spread the libertarian and economic ideologies we hold dear.” “labor economics, and how libertarians can attract trade unions.” Mario Barnes 001 228 297 8894; district4@mslp.org!events/c1gn7;


  1. It would be nice to hear him expand on this comment about abortion. Do pro-life people support slavery? Laws prohibiting abortion are a "throw back to slavery."

    "Abortion is another case in point. Although inroads have finally been made, abortion is limited by obstructive rules. Both outright prohibition of abortion and abortion under present controls deny the great moral principle of self-ownership. Thus, they are throwbacks to slavery, a situation essentially defined by the barriers put up between people and their right of self-ownership. If a woman owns her body then she owns her womb, and she alone has the complete and sole right to determine whether to have a child or not."

    1. Why don't you book him for a debate? I can assure you it would be a well-attended event.

    2. Oops, sorry I forgot. You don't defend your views, you never engage in debate.

    3. Great idea. You might even be able to convince Dr. Block to waive his fee next time he's near the Trollshaws. Just watch out for the morning sun, Jerry.

    4. Jerry, I've been reading this blog every single day for 7 years and you have got to be the most miserable human being I have ever read comments from here. I believe you need help. Get a life.

    5. "Just watch out for the morning sun, Jerry."

      Indeed, when there's no more room in hell, the dead will walk the earth.