Thursday, February 27, 2014

What's Going On at the EPJ Daily Alert?

Maybe you should find out. Over the last three days, we have received these emails from EPJ Daily Alert subscribers:

I would like to purchase yearly subscriptions for 2 friends, please tell me how to proceed. Thanks,


I just paid $23 on 2/26 for my next monthly payment. I want to pay $138 annually, starting with the next cycle on 3/26, but PayPal won't allow me to change the existing subscription from monthly to annual. I've made a note to go back to PayPal just before 3/26, the next payment date, and cancel my monthly $23 subscription and then re-subscribe on 3/26 for $138 annually. I could pay $138 right now but then I would be a month ahead. This is the only way to change this, I think.

My membership for the ALERT is due on the 30th or 28th, and I have it on a monthly basis. Could you charge me for the whole year for this coming billing cycle in February?
I'd like to switch my subscription to an annual one. My current 3-month subscription expires on April 18, 2014.

What options are available to perform this switch

You can test out the EPJ Daily Alert by subscribing here:

 A monthly subscription is $23.00...Click here

A 3 month subscription is $55.19 Save 20%.....Click here.

A 6 month subscription is $99.46 Save 33%......Click here.

A yearly subscription is $138.00  Save 50%.......Click here.

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