Thursday, March 13, 2014

Another Note on My Point About Professional Laughers

John Fitzgerald comments at my post: On Professional Laughers
A friend of mine interned for the Daily Show during the premiere summer of the Colbert Report. One of his tasks was to sit in Colbert's studio audience and laugh loudly.
Case closed.  They exist.


  1. If you think anyone needs to be told to laugh when people like Peter Schiff or Napolitano put their foot in their mouth, you need to get out a little more. Not much is funnier than watching someone in the "liberty crowd" step out of their bubble and get smacked in the face by cold hard facts.

    The Civil War was not about a tariff.

    1. The egregious tariff was simply the last straw. They seceded because the federal government was too beholden to the interests of those in the Northeast.

    2. Bob, Jerry is correct in that the deep south left to protect slavery, no way around that. The only nobility in the South was in states such as the highly pro-union Virginian commonwealth. These states only practiced secession after the Federal government called legislatures to raise an army to squash the rebellion. The right to self determination was not lost on the Virginians, many of the entrenched "aristocracy" there were direct descendents of the families that practiced secession against Britain less than a 100 years before. That is why you had the irony of men who disliked slavery as an institution serving in the top military brackets of the Army of Northern Virginia. While its only coincidence, it is apt that the Confederates wore grey, as their cause was both evil and just.

  2. I think I heard a little dog barking somewhere... Nah, must have been my imagination.

  3. "They [Stewart's audience] love nothing more than the smug superior feeling that comes from seeing someone with whom they disagree smeared and ridiculed."

    Jerry Wolfgang, yet another exemplar of America's intellectual decay.