Monday, March 3, 2014

Cato Brings In A Slick Interventionist to Comment on the Ukraine Situation

A Cato podcast features a totally neocon stance from Cato member Andrei Illarionov .

Illarionov has always been a tool of the banksters. While an advisor to Putin, he played an important role in introducing the 13% flat income tax in Russia which saw to it that Russia repaid debts owed to the banksters. He also was a key player in the creation of the monstrous Stabilization Fund of the Russian Federation, which is an insane theft of Russian citizens money that was initially used to funnel money to non-Russian bankster favored investments. Now, some of that money goes to crony Russian investments.

Illarionov talks libertarian, but his actions tell the story of a bankster operative. The disgusting podcast is here.

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  1. More nonsense than this posting I've never heard.

    13% flat rate income tax is worse than a progressive tax with a marginal rate of 47% that was before 2000 when Illarionov talked in Putin to replace it with the flat rate tax? Only banksters wanted it? FYI, when Illarionov offered it, the bank cartel lead by the management of Central Bank was against it. 13% tax helped the rapid growth of entrepreneurship, small business and the middle class in Russia in the 2000s. Of course, any tax is a theft and 0 tax is better than 13% but 13% is definitely better than 47%.

    Illarionov has always been a tool of the bansters? What are you smoking? Anyone who is familiar with affairs in Russia knows that Illarionov was the only guy who warned many times in his interviews to media etc. in 1997-1998, that the policy of a currency corridor and GKO pyramid pursued by the Central Bank and and orchestrated by IMF (headed by Stanley Fischer that time) is pure corruption, criminal and will inevitably lead to a default and robbery population by both banksters and the government, and even predicted when the default happened. For this he was under the fire of banking cartel and interventionists who slander him, deprived him of his institute's sponsors etc.

    Illarionov is a slick interventionist? He is one of a few in Russia who constantly opposes a state intervention both inside and outside the country, actually for the separation of the state and economy inside and non-interventionist policy outside. He is a friend and associate of Bendukidze, the author of classical liberal economic reforms in Georgia... etc.

    Stabilization Fund of the Russian Federation - it partially saved surplus accumulated there from immediate stealing and squandering on welfare-warfare programs, including giving out to politically connected banksters. This fund has helped Russia to survive the recession of 2008 relatively easy.

    Yes, he was the guy who persuaded Putin to bring to reduce/ pay off the huge public debt, including external, to almost zero and nullify the budget deficit and stop printing money to strengthen the ruble and stop inflation. The banking cartel, the prime minister and treasury secretary opposed to it. The guy actually was the Russian peter schiff who accidentally became the aid of Putin... and you name him a tool of the banksters?

    And, finally, what war mongering did you listen in this podcast? He says that the police is shooting at people on the streets and calls to stop the bloodshed and war and intervention. He does not call for bringing US troops to Ukraine or somewhat. Peace and negotiations, not war. What is wrong here? And why the Russian regional empire that now partially tries to restore the Soviet empire by sword, first in Georgia, and now in Ukraine, is better than the US global empire? Both are disgusting. Enemy of my enemy is not necessary my friend... And many neighbors of Russia are forced to choose between two evils, and Russia is the worst evil for them.

    Illarionov of course and unfortunately is no anarchist - he is somewhat moderate minarchist or classical liberal plus puts a lot of trust in democracy and other BS - but he is non-corrupt and one of the few in Russia who understands what freedom means and consistent and principled in his pursuit of freedom.

    Wenzel, I like your journal but you risk to loose credibility posting such BS.