Thursday, March 27, 2014

Do You Want an Anti-War Senator in the US Senate Next Year?

Murray Sabrin emails:


Do you want an anti-war senator in the US Senate next year?.  

Then, please help get the word out. Ask your network to make generous contributions at

From the PolitickerNJ Wire Feed
Sabrin calls out Menendez, Booker, primary opponents for pro-war or head-in-the-sand policies on Ukraine.

"Exactly how fast will Bob Menendez and President Obama get us into another shooting war because Vladimir Putin has their noses out of joint?” asked U.S. Senate candidate Murray Sabrin after reading a report of Menendez’s angry remarks over being barred from entering Russia.

Menendez,  the Democratic senior U.S. senator from New Jersey and chair of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, issued an angry statement  after the Russian government sanctioned him and several senior members of the House and Senate in response to similar U.S. actions toward Russian officials in the latest escalation of the war of words over Ukraine in what is increasingly being seen as a new Cold War or worse.

“Sen. Menendez’s own personal feelings are hurt, so he ramps up the conflict over Ukraine and escalates tensions as a result.” Sabrin said. “That’s how wars get started.”

“There are two equally disastrous camps on the issue of war and peace in Washington, D.C. and in the race for the U.S. Senate in New Jersey,” Sabrin said. “One is the jingoistic, almost pro-war camp represented by Sen. Menendez and some of my opponents in the GOP primary process who utter vague pronouncements about American international prestige or make scary statements in their stump speeches about being proactive throughout the world.”

 “The other is the head-in-the-sand camp represented by my eventual general election opponent, Sen. Cory Booker, and some of my other primary opponents who are silent on the issue of war and peace – on whether America should risk hostilities and war in an area where no vital American national interests are at stake.”

 “What both sides have in common is they’re making it up as they go along on the issue of war and peace,” Sabrin side. “Both are equally inept because both will have equally disastrous consequences.”

“No more body bags – no more funerals,” he said.

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