Saturday, March 1, 2014

DRAMA George Soros’ Ex-Girlfriend Sobs

The NY Daily News reports:
George Soros' ex-girlfriend sobbed before a panel of appellate judges Tuesday, begging them not to toss her lawsuit against the billionaire for breaking his promise to buy her a $1.9 million condominium.

“I deserve to have my case be heard. I deserve to have a trial. I believe in America. I believe in justice. I deserve to have a life ... to defend my reputation,” Adriana Ferreyr, 30, cried, wiping her face of the tears that flowed profusely in the normally sedate, ornate chamber of the Appellate Division in Manhattan.

The Brazilian soap star charges that Soros, 83, did more than break his promise about the Upper East Side apartment.

She says in court papers he intentionally inflicted emotional damage to her by slapping her during a fight, having security guards “stalk” her and giving the unit to another girlfriend, Tamiko Bolton, who married Soros last fall.

A lower court ruled that Ferreyr could not sue to enforce the promise but her case could continue on the claim that Soros intentionally inflicted emotional distress.

His lawyer, Gary Stein, argued that Ferreyr exaggerated and mischaracterized what Soros did as their five year romance was cracking up in 2010.

For example, he said, Soros didn't try to hit her with a lamp but rather it crashed to the floor during altercation.

“There’s no question that Ms. Ferreyr was really distressed that Mr. Soros did not buy her an apartment,” Stein said.

He said the question for the appellate judges is whether Soros' decision to change his mind can be considered outrageous behavior in civilized society.

“What about the stalking allegation? Wouldn't that in a civilized society be considered outrageous?” Justice Rosalyn Richter asked.

Stein said Soros hired security guards to sit outside Ferreyr's building because Bolton also was living there and needed protection from Ferreyr.

Ferreyr insisted Bolton was never home and said that if they were protecting Bolton, the guards should not have tried to “grab” her as she tried to enter a coffee shop in the building.

Of all the judges, Justice Richard Andrias seemed least sympathetic.

“It doesn't seem nice but ... even a billionaire might not be able to buy 10 apartments for all his girlfriends,” he said to the chuckles from lawyers in audience.


  1. You're not entitled to a $1.9 million condominium on someone else dime sweetheart (not that I like Soros one iota).

  2. I never thought i'd end up taking George Soros' side on anything, but this stupid money grubbing twit managed to make it happen.

  3. C'mon, the woman dated this 85 yr old shriveled up billionaire man for his looks right?