Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ex-Jesuit Malachi Martin on Liberation Theology

Malachi Martin was originally ordained as a Jesuit priest, and became Professor of Palaeontology at the Vatican's Pontifical Biblical Institute. From 1958 he served as a theological adviser to Cardinal Bea during preparations for the Second Vatican Council. Disillusioned by reforms he was released from certain of his Jesuit vows in 1964 and moved to New York City, where he later became an American citizen.

He has written 17 books, including The Jesuits

(ht Jay Stephenson)


  1. Somebody please just end this moronic organization.

  2. Anyone else listen to him on art bell back in the 90s? He was the most fascinating radio interview of all time! His books revealed the molestation scandal in the church that was being covered up (in novel form for legal reasons) and he talked about doing excorcisms, he was rumored to be an intelligence asset in the soviet controller areas of Europe, and he is one of the few people to see the original and unedited third secret of Fatima. He also predicted John Paul 2 would be the last Pope to not be evil, and that the Vatican was full of evil people and satanists.

    A lot of that sounded outlandish in the 90s, but sure looks pretty accurate now. I believe at least a few or the art bell interviews with father Martin are on YouTube and are amazing. I believe the guy 100 percent and I am a Protestant!