Friday, March 14, 2014

Fed Chair Janet Yellen, Aretha Franklin, and Mariano Rivera to Receive Honorary Degrees From NYU

Janet Yellen, chair of the Federal Reserve, will be the speaker at the 182nd New York University commencement in May, NYU has announced. The commencement will take place on May 21 at Yankee Stadium.

She will also receive an honorary degree, along with former New York Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera, Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan, singer Aretha Franklin and attorney Martin Edelman.

NYU spokesman John Beckman said the university chooses commencement speakers based on the strides they have made in their respective fields.

“In selecting its honorary degree recipients, the university tries to choose people who have a record of great accomplishments in leadership in their chosen fields,” Beckman said. “We hope that the honorees will serve as an example and an inspiration to our graduating students as they embark on their own careers.”

Please remind me again what Janet Yellen has accomplished? It should not be forgotten that when the great economist Ludwig von Mises taught at NYU, his salary wasn't even paid for by the university, but by private sponsors.


  1. Please remind me again what Janet Yellen has accomplished? much as greenspan (& eggs)?

    Barron's gets a rare glimpse at the Maestro's long-lost NYU doctoral thesis, and his long-ago view of, yes, a housing debacle.

    WE'VE FOUND IT -- A COPY OF ALAN Greenspan's long-lost Ph.D. thesis! Or, more accurately, a rare copy of the elusive document, in Lassie-Come-Home-fashion, found us.

    The dissertation, written in 1977 when Greenspan received his coveted degree from New York University, had been tucked away on a professor's sagging bookshelf for 31 years.

    but don't's a crony institution.

    Criminal Investigation of Madoff and JPMorgan Shines Harsh Light on NYU

    Lipton is a founding partner of the Wall Street law firm, Wachtell Lipton Rosen & Katz, which served as legal counsel to JPMorgan to fight a lawsuit brought by the Madoff Trustee assigned to secure funds for defrauded investors. This was at a time when both Lipton and top executives of JPMorgan served on the Board of NYU units that had themselves been defrauded and could have benefited from monetary clawbacks from JPMorgan.

    On the same tax return disclosing NYU Hospitals Center’s loss from the largest Ponzi scheme in U.S. history, the nonprofit also revealed that there was an ongoing business relationship between two members of its Board of Trustees, Jamie Dimon and Heidi G. Miller. At the time the Madoff losses were discovered, Jamie Dimon was serving as both a Trustee to the NYU Hospitals Center as well as Chairman and CEO of JPMorgan Chase. Heidi Miller was both a Trustee and CEO of Treasury and Securities Services at JPMorgan Chase.

    The Untold Story of Citibank’s Student Loan Deals at NYU

    An institutionalized wealth transfer system is playing out at New York University, a nonprofit organization subsidized by the U.S. taxpayer.

    NYU Administrators Create Student Debt Slaves to Subsidize Summer Homes, Ginormous Pensions

    When union members demand decent pay levels and work conditions, they are charged with featherbedding and overmanning or the new neoliberal catchall, “demanding uncompetitive wages”. But when the upper crust loots institutions, the mainstream media is typically missing in action.
    The latest find is from Pam Martens, who has been keeping tabs on the administrator-enriching real estate racket at NYU. She ferreted out an egregious housing deal for Jack Lew when he was at NYU

  2. What's Aretha's pitch? Mariano of course lives by the cutter, and Yellen. . .the screwball.

  3. Mariano and Aretha have brought pleasure to people's lives through sports and music, while Yellen...

    1. Don't forget SC Justice Elena Kagan. She delighted TV viewers starring in the King of Queens.