Monday, March 17, 2014

Florida, Nevada Still Lead Foreclosure States

Foreclosure filings in the United States dropped 10% in February, compared with January, and 27% compared with February 2013, according to data releases Thursday by RealtyTrac. Florida, Maryland and Nevada posted the highest rates among the states in February, although rates in both Florida and Nevada fell compared with February 2013, reports 24/7 Wall Street.

February foreclosures in Florida dropped 7%, compared with January, and 24% year-over-year, but the state still tops the list with foreclosure filings during the month on one of every 372 housing units in the state. That is more than three times the national average.

Nevada, with one foreclosure filing for every 633 housing units, was third in the rankings, replace by Maryland at number two with one filing for every 572 housing units. Nevada’s year-over-year filing rate was down 49% and down 19% from January. Maryland’s foreclosure filing rate has increased every month for 20 consecutive months. February’s foreclosures rose 15%, compared with January.

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