Saturday, March 22, 2014

Gary North: Forget LinkedIn Start a Blog

North writes:
Why would anyone join LinkedIn if he does not have a blog?

Why would anyone think that LinkedIn can help his career, but having a blog is

Every day, I am invited to join someone's fans on LinkedIn. I belonged to
LinkedIn for less than one day, and that was maybe 7 years ago. Then I quit.

I don't need to join LinkedIn. I have a widely visited blog (Tea Party
) and a site: Gary North's Specific Answers.

If you want to be known as an expert, create a blog. If you need publicity, and
it's a question of joining LinkedIn or starting a blog, start a blog.


  1. Or do both and use Linked-In as free advertising. Get friends to "share" some of your posts to their network. Further grow your reading base.

  2. LinkedIn serves a different purpose than a blog. LinkedIn allows you to have an online resume with links to your projects, a portfolio, former jobs, recommendations, etc. It also allows you to connect to clients and recruiters in a manner similar to Facebook. It's very different than a blog.

    As a student preparing to graduate, I'd like my information to be "out there" for companies and recruiters. LInkedIn is the place to do it. Recruiters aren't scouring the web looking for random blogs. Nor do I have time (or the desire) to author blog posts. A blog takes a lot of time to maintain.

    This is a strange recommendation by North.