Friday, March 7, 2014

Hillary Clinton Probably has Brain Cancer and Will Not Run for President;The Democratic 2016 Field is WIDE OPEN.

By Robert Morrow
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  Two tabloids: The National Enquirer and the Globe both say Hillary has brain cancer or a brain tumor. Roger Stone, who after 40 years of high level political activism has vast contacts, says Hillary has major medical problems and will not run for president.

          The tabloids often express truth that cannot be expressed for political reasons in the MSM. 1987 the National Enquirer nailed Gary Hart in the Donna Rice affair. 2007 the National Enquirer nailed John Edwards over the Rielle Hunter and bastard baby affair. 1992 the Globe nailed deadbeat dad Bill Clinton over his affair and baby with black street hooker Bobbie Ann Williams (that story has been completely confirmed and his son Danny Williams is age 29 today in year 2014). The tabloids have for decades said the JFK assassination was a high level domestic plot - again 100% correct with the recent tabloids fingering VP Lyndon Johnson as the primary culprit. The tabloids also nailed Jesse Jackson with his mistress and love child. Tabloids are very good when it comes to exposing adultery, medical problems and when a celebrity is dying. Digging up and exposing personal dirt is the forte of tabloids.
          I think the tabloids and Roger Stone are spot on the money when they say Hillary has major medical problems and will not run for president. Roger Stone is a human Rolodex and if he says Hillary is not running, it is best to not lightly dismiss what Stone says. Stone either knows something or thinks he knows something.
          I think the insider political class on both parties, GOP and Democratic, is beginning to figure Hillary is not going to run for president. 
Remember, they gossip among themselves as if it were a religious sacrament. I think Joe Biden knows this - which is why he is politely so insistent that he is running for president no matter if Hillary runs or not (because he has been tipped that she will not).  I think David Axelrod knows this - which is why he tells folks to put money into 2014 races and not into Hillary’s 2016 PAC. Mary Matalin has said that she does not think Hillary will run. Remember, Mary Matalin is married to James Carville, long time Clinton insider and I think Carville has told Mary the inside scoop: Hillary is sick as a dog and cannot run even if she wanted to.
          Matalin does not have the privilege to publicly tell you the real reason Hillary will not run for president: major medical problems that the Clintons covering up and that Carville knows about.
          Bill Kristol is another one who has said Hillary will not run for president.
          Larry Sabato - has not Xed out Hillary yet, but he will tell you her running is no sure thing.
          “She [Hillary] may decide if she runs, she is going to run to win; if she wins, she is going to run for reelection. At that point, she basically has spent the next 10 years doing nothing but this and she's not going to be playing very much with the dogs and going to very many movies or having a normal life. And I think there is a possibility she sort of stares at that prospect and decides maybe she'll take a pass. Maybe the odds of that aren't so great, but I don't think they are nothing.”
          MSNBC’s Krystal Ball has made her feelings know quite clearly: “Don’t run, Hillary. Don’t run. I think Krystal Ball is really worried about Bill Clinton’s history of serial rape and serial sexual assault and Hillary’s role in covering it up. Krystal knows what’s in store.
          Texas journalist James Moore wrote and early piece on September, 2013 entitled “Hillary, don’t run for president.” James Moore is a respected and seasoned journalist. Moore mentioned the medical problems and then he wrote: “she is likely to be forced to endure campaign onslaughts accusing her of character flaws for forgiving her husband's indiscretions, which means the electorate probably has to endure at least some painful flashbacks
          Moore knows exactly what the Republicans will do with Hillary: run a scorched earth campaign dumping a “truck load” of opposition research on her head (as Reince Preibus has explicitly stated).
          Moore’s last plea is “Don’t run, Hillary.” The Republicans are waiting in the bushes with cudgels.
Hillary is delaying announcing she is not running in 2016 because the Clintons are attention whores and want to milk the spotlight to the very last minute. The Democrats are using Hillary’s marquee name to build a grassroots field operation for the real Demo 2016 nominee
          Multiple people who have seen Hillary up close say that she looks like shit. The expression that one used in early 2014 was she “looked like the face of death.” Hillary is even fatter than she was in 2008. Hillary now wears Coke bottle glasses to see and that is probably because there is a brain tumor pressing on her optic nerve. Brain tumors can also make you pass out (which is dangerous because you can give yourself a concussion which is what probably happened to Hillary). They also make you lose your balance (remember when Hillary fell going into the plane one time?).
                  I think that her medical treatment is one cause of Hillary’s obvious bloating. Either that or she is letting herself go physically, which is not something real presidential candidates do.
          Hillary will be age 69 in January 2017. That is - if she does not die of brain cancer before then.  Chelsea Clinton (who btw is the biological daughter of Webb Hubbell and not Bill Clinton) has publicly stated that she will be trying to have a baby in year 2014. If Hillary were a normal person, and you are about to potentially die of brain cancer, wouldn’t you want to some time with your only grandchild before you die? Or would you maniacally keep feeding your sick and demented cravings for power just to satisfy the ego of Bill Clinton, someone who Hillary does not respect?
          Hillary for decades has stored her Bill-hate in her porky thighs and swollen cankles. I think the decades of Hillary Humiliation and her Bill-Hate have metastasized into brain cancer, which is what a brain tumor is. Hillary is basically a depressed person who has said that she channels her depression into work-a-holicism. A depressed person is oftentimes a person who is internally very angry. I have no doubt that the decades of Hillary’s internal anger has pretty much destroyed her physically.
          What appears to be going on - is Hillary, with a limited speaking tour, is going through the bare bones, pro forma moves of running for president while at the same time making some easy money on high priced speeches at the same time. The Democrats for the rest of 2014 will be using Hillary’s name to build a donor and email list. This donor and email list can be used for whoever the real 2016 Democratic nominee will be (my guess it will be Joe Biden).
          The other point to remember is the Clintons lie - they were lying in the 1970’s, lying in the 1980’s, mega doses of lying in the 1990’s, lying in the 2000’s. If Hillary really does have extremely serious medical problems, one thing is for sure - the Clintons will lie about this, cover it up, never tell the truth about it - possibly even after Hillary withdraws from the 2016 race. David Geffen and Bob Kerrey, 2 prominent Democrats who know the Clintons well, have both made statements as to what fantastic liars the Clintons are.
          With that in mind read this: “Asked about her health on Thursday, Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill said in an email to The Daily Caller: ‘To your question, very caring of you to ask. She’s 100%.’”

          100% what? 100% healthy? Or 100% in the grips of an extremely serious, life threatening medical condition - brain tumor? My take is that is a tepid and dissembling response from Nick Merrill.

          And even if the medical stuff was not an issue, does Hillary really want to spend the next 3 years having Bill Clintons’ history of serial rape and serial sexual assault be campaign topics (as well as her used of nasty PIs and criminal goon squads to run terror campaigns on Bill’s sex victims)?

          I already know what the most viral video shared on social media in the 2016 campaign will be: NBC’s Lisa Meyers 1999 interview of Bill Clinton’s rape victim Juanita Broaddrick. Hillary’s real time knowledge of this particular rape of Bill and her attempts to cover it up will be a huge campaign issue.

          Hillary knows full well the hellfire and unrelenting and well-deserved savage personal attacks that will rain down on her head if she hops in the 2016 presidential race. There were many topics about the Clintons that Obama could not publicly discuss in the 2008 Democratic primary and still hope to have a unified Democratic party - all of that stuff will be delineated in excruciating detail in a Clinton 2016 presidential run.

          Just read these blogs to get a taste:

          The Clintons’ Greatest Shame: Chelsea is the biological daughter of Webb Hubbell:
           Hillary and her Terror Campaigns on Bill’s Sex Victims & Former Girlfriends:
So what is the timeframe for the Attention whore Clintons exit plan?
          Most likely look for Hillary to announce in January 2015 that she will not run for president. This announcement could come as early as December, 2015 after the disastrous 2014 Democratic election cycle. The Senate will probably be in Republican hands by that time. Or the Clintons could milk out the attention and delay a withdrawal announcement as late at April or May of 2015. Any delay would be because of Bill.
          Bill is the one who is desperate for Hillary to run. Hillary at this point is just going through the motions, dreading both the physically and psychological damage a 2016 run would bring. If Bill or Hillary croaked during the 2016 campaign, I don’t know if the other one would take the time off to go to the funeral - probably just keep on campaigning and let Chelsea do the burying.



  1. "Hillary Clinton Probably has Brain Cancer"

    If this turns out to be true then it's cause for a HUGE celebration! Sorry, I don't feel compassion for thieves and murderers. Maybe their is some justice in this world after all.

  2. Welp, seems like Roger Stone will at least be half right.


  3. I hope this suffering on her person will be for her a motivation to remember and repent of all the suffering that she caused to other human beings all over the world.

  4. None of this really matters. Regardless of political party, the president well be selected based upon the same criteria that made Hillary palatable to the players on the left and the right who decide these matters for us. Meet the new boss; same as the old boss.

  5. Bill and Hill are wretched, evil, narcissists, not to mention mass murderers. The fact that Hillary is still viewed as the front-runner tells you just how hopelessly broken our political system is.

  6. Is part of the Drudge formula using ultra tiny font?

  7. OH right the globe and the national Enquirer home of serious investigative journalism there.

  8. Here are some other useful links on the Clintons:

    The Clintons’ Greatest Shame: Chelsea is the biological daughter of Webb Hubbell

    Hillary and her Terror Campaigns on Bill’s Sex Victims & Former Girlfriends

    It takes a Clinton to Murder a Village: Hillary ordered final Waco Massacre:

    Juanita interview 1999- tells about Bill Clinton savagely raping her & biting her lip:

    Vince Foster was SUICIDE in White House. Hillary ordered body DUMPED asap off premises:

  9. "I think the decades of Hillary Humiliation and her Bill-Hate have metastasized into brain cancer, which is what a brain tumor is."

    This is a great article and the gist of it could well be true. Whatever is wrong with Hillary, hopefully she just retires and fades away along with her crooked husband.

    Just wanted to point out though that the link between psychological stress and cancer is very, very weak. Support for the idea that it helps cancer spread is also very weak. There are links to the relevant studies at:
    Cancer is terrible, as anyone who has experience with it can tell you. But there are enough fallacies believed about it out there that spreading more inaccurate medical information isn't helpful to anyone.

  10. Proof, there is a God!!

  11. Forgive them Lord; for they know not what they do.

  12. Will the Republicans make big gains in the Senate and maybe even the White House? Who knows. Don't forget, everyone thought Romney was a slam dunk in 2012. But even if they do, don't expect much to change: the GOP leadership hates conservatives almost as much as the Democrats do. They have become equally enamored of big, bloated government. Don't forget - the crony bailouts and the dreadful DHS and TSA all began under Bush - a Republican.

  13. Just curious why you think the 2014 election cycle will be disastrous for the Democrats. If the Republicans were halfway competent at winning elections I would agree with you, but the Republican Party always seems to find a way to lose any advantage they have against Democrats. This is generally speaking mind you.

  14. It has to be Michelle. She understand the problems we face. Here's her thesis to prove it:

  15. there no way that Michelle will get the nod, every Democrat senator, congressman, governor, mayor would figure they would have just as good a chance and would leap into that race. I would suggest, if Hilary can't, Rahm will drop Chicago to rush to DC.

  16. I read a little over 1/2 of the thesis and I fail to see how her findings in the 1980s in a Princeton Alumni Black Integration/Separation - Black White Culture are going to fix the problems we now face. There is no definitive conclusion in the making that I saw.

  17. "Two tabloids: The National Enquirer and the Globe both say Hillary has brain cancer or a brain tumor"

    You do realize that national enquirer and globe are fiction right? You are probably one of those people who think the guests on maury povich are real too eh ?

  18. There is another underreported achille's heel that could undermine Hilary Clinton's run for office, regardless of whether or not she has brain cancer: Sharlene Wilson. Wilson was a drug snitch who was imprisoned after she snitched on a drug dealer who supplied cocaine to the Clintons while Bubba was Governor of Arkansas. The Clintons had a political death threat against her while Bubba occupied the White House. I am a radio station production assistant who had to tape interviews with Sharlene Wilson at a moment's notice whenever she was able to get to a pay phone while in prison in a maximum security women's prison in Arkansas. I heard firsthand of the atrocities the Clintons committed against her and others, and other sources I heard from also confirm what she has told the listeners. Albert Gore Jr. often aided and abetted the Clintons in their immoral acts they committed while Bubba occupied the White House.

  19. Just to back you up: TMZ broke the news of Michael Jackson's death while the MSM was still pitching Jermaine Jackson's story that MJ was merely in a coma. Come on now. It's the Jackson's. If they admit to any problem at all, you know something's very wrong.