Sunday, March 2, 2014

How to Deal with Neighbors Playing Loud Music


This is pretty good also, very libertarian, no police involved, but not as funny.


  1. I've had some success and some failures also using a 3-4 inch thick phone book. Just take the book in your pitching hand, lean back like you're going to throw a pitch, and smack that sonovapooch against the offending neighbor's wall as hard as you can. When their clocks, pictures, etc fly across the room of their unit, they MAY change their behavior. Do try to hit a stud or else you'll end up fixing a large dent in your wall - you can do a fair job with spackling compound. ;)

    The gun is actually what is needed however. That is a language a-holes everywhere will understand immediately; and if necessary you can actually prevent ALL future bad behavior from them. Just don't get caught. It'd be best if the cops would help but typically they won't - shooting a-holes should be legal; and it IS as long as you don't get caught. ;)

  2. In regards to the second video, if they did these things for just 20 dollars, chances are they would have simply done it for free if he just asked nicely.Sometimes neighbors just don't realize what they're doing is annoying until they're told about it.

  3. A more effective way to handle a large, loud stereo next door would be do invert the phase of whatever they're playing and pump it back into their wall. Their music will sound like total shit to them, and they probably won't even realize what you're doing. It's essentially the same principle that is used for active noise reduction in headphones (like Bose).